Boot Runner 3.1 Update

Boot Runner 3.1 adds in additional keys for customizing the Marquee font, as well as new functionality for Linux booting.Boot Runner 3.1 is a free update for Boot Runner 3 customers or customers with a current Boot Runner support contract. Download the current version at New Keys The Boot Runner 3 Setup Guide has…


Boot Runner 3.0.2 Release Notes

Boot Runner 3.0.2 Release Notes New Feature: Added ability to force EFI or Legacy boot. New Feature: Default boot mode to EFI if Boot Runner cannot discover boot style Description: Boot Runner 3.0.2 adds in new management key to specify how the selected Windows volume will boot (EFI or Legacy). ┬áPrior to Boot Runner 3.0.2,…


Boot Runner Not Showing Up or Not Showing Volume(s)

Boot Runner runs over the Login Window on macOS, so if you do not see the Boot Runner screen, it is usually related to the following issues: Auto login has been enabled. If auto login is enabled, the Mac will automatically log a user in to the desktop. To prevent this, go to Settings->Users &…


Boot Runner and 3rd Party Graphics Cards

The Boot Runner selection screen appears on top of the macOS login window. If you are using a 3rd party graphics card that does not show the standard Mac selection screen when holding down the option key during initial boot, you can still use Boot Runner successfully since it appears over the Login Window.

Boot Runner 3 Setup Guide

Overview Boot Runner 3 supports physical startup volumes as well as virtual machines, making it easy to offer selections of any combination of macOS, Windows, Linux, and other systems installed natively or in a virtual machine. Boot Runner 3 also includes customization options to make the startup selection screen easier for end users to find and…