Bleu Bridge


Automatically plays announcements on your sales associates' 2-way radios when customer activities trigger cameras, pressure mats, help buttons and other sensors.

What are the benefits?

Improves customer service by sending your sales associates to assist in:

  • Providing prompt service to customers considering complex or high value products.
  • Reducing customer wait time at in-store pickup or sales floor assistance.
  • Ensuring online orders are ready for pickup.

Improves sales associates' efficiency by alerting them of customer service opportunities:

  • Lingering near complex or high value products.
  • Waiting in long lines.
  • Asking to be helped.

Improves sales associates' responsiveness to online orders by alerting them via 2-way radio.

How is Bleu Bridge used?

  • Ideal for any venue — hotels, hospitals, manufacturing and stores.
  • Service visitors in high value or high risk areas.
  • Help customers in unattended or lightly attended areas.
  • Help customers waiting at counters.
  • Fulfill online orders (pickup in store, curbside pickup, ship from store) - reduce pick times, increase fill rates, and increase customer satisfaction.

How does Bleu Bridge work?

  • Sensors send trigger events via wifi or Bluetooth to the bridge.
  • Events trigger announcements via 2 way radio, digital sign or text message.

Can I try Bleu Bridge?

Use the contact form below talk to our sales team or arrange an on-site demo.

What's required for Bleu Bridge?

  • 2-way radios from Motorola or Kenwood or similar.
  • Sensors (optionally included with Bleu Bridge).
  • Wifi & Internet access (optionally included with Bleu Bridge).

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Arrival and Proximity Notification

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Patient Arrival and Location Detection