Bleu Bridge

Technical Specifications

Software Configuration Web Interface
Network Connectivity Wired Ethernet, Optional WiFi
Power 110V-240V
External Connectors Power Input, HDMI Video Out, 4 x Motorola 2 Pin Cable, 6 Dry Contacts, Power Switch
Radio Features Open Channel Detection
Radio Compatibility All Motorola Radios with PTT and standard 2 Pin Motorola Connector
Network Protocols DHCP, DNS, Web (Port 80/443), Web-API (Port 80/443)
Certifications CE (Pending), FCC (Pending), UL (Pending)
Announcement Options Multiple Voices, Pre-recorded Voices, Text-to-Speech, Retry interval, Repeat Annoucement
Software Features Add Order, Pick Order, Unpick Order, Delete Order, Announce Order
Update Features Remote software and firmware updates
Network Requirements IP Address assignment via DHCP (static mapping supported) or static assignment, DNS resolution, ability to trigger order with URL to Web API (TCP Port 80 or 443), Network Time (optional-UDP port 123)

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Use Bleu Bridge in Distribution


Arrival and Proximity Notification

Use Bleu Bridge in Health Care


Patient Arrival and Location Detection