Trusted Beacon

Patent Pending

A Trusted Beacon™ is a beacon that can’t be impersonated, spoofed or hijacked. It uses a digital signature of standard beacon information so that your app and your solution can trust that it actually came from beacons that you deployed. Since only the beacon can create this signature, your app can trust the beacon.

sample app

How does it work?

Along with the broadcast of the beacon identifiers, a digital signature is broadcast that can only be created on the beacon using a unique set of keys. One key is used to create the signature and is kept securely on the device. The other key is made available to your app or your solution to verify the signature from the Trusted Beacon. This is similar to how HTTPS works on the web except communication takes place over a Bluetooth connection.

Does my app need to connect to a web service to validate that detected beacons are trusted?

Absolutely not! Since a Trusted Beacon is checked using keys, you app will already have the keys required to verify the signature of the beacon.

What happens if Trusted Beacon is lost of stolen?

If a Trusted Beacon is lost or stolen, the keys associated with the Trusted Beacon can be revoked. Your app or solution can check to see if the keys are revoked prior to trusting the beacon.

Does this change everything?

Yes. When you can trust a beacon, you can trust the validity of location data and start doing some pretty cool things, including home automation, security applications, two-factor authentication, games and more.

Does this require an expensive server or supercomputer to act as a beacon?

Absolutely not! Trusted Beacon is just a simple firmware update to our existing beacons. We provide the SDK for your apps to work with the Trusted Beacons. We provide the tools to create keys and integrate Trusted Beacons into your own solutions.

Does this work cross-platform?

Yes! We are working on iOS versions of the SDK. iOS first. Then Android.

Can I try it out?

Yes! We have a beta version of the Trusted Beacon firmware and a sample app to show how to trust the beacon. Just buy one of our Bleu Station 100 or 200 series beacons and flash with the trusted beacon firmware over USB or Bluetooth. Sign up below to get the SDK, firmware, technical documentation and more.

Does Trusted Beacon require access to a monthly web service?

No. We have plans for providing a Trusted Beacon Authority for generating certificates and keys, but these can be generated using widely-available standard tools and our step-by-step instructions. We provide the tools to easily deploy and provision Bleu Station beacons for small- and large-sized deployments.

Learn more about the Trusted Beacon solution and get access to the Trusted Beacon SDK and firmware for Twocanoes Labs’ Bleu Station beacon hardware.

Trusted Beacon (patent pending) is a registered trademark of Twocanoes Labs, LLC.