Naperville, Illinois – Twocanoes Labs today is proud to announce the availability of their next-generation iBeacon technology, Bleu Station Series 200. Features include over-the-air firmware update capability, LED visual status indicator and reset button. Bleu Station beacons are fully compliant with Apple’s iBeacon performance standard and are available now on the Twocanoes Store.

Building on the success of the Bleu Station 100, the Bleu Station 200 series features a new design for easy deployment, security and firmware updates. Bleu Station beacons are installed in thousands of locations across the US, including retail, hospitality and industrial sectors.

Beacons are small, low-energy Bluetooth devices that broadcast to nearby iOS devices according to Apple’s iBeacon standard. Bleu Station beacons include certified AC power adapter, meaning no battery maintenance is required. Firmware updates may be applied wirelessly over Bluetooth to future-proof the Bleu Station with new features and developments.

Bleu Station 200 Series offers a dual-color LED to indicate mode of operation making setup, configuration and troubleshooting eaier than ever. A reset button on the back of the Bleu Station restores the unit to default settings.

The Series 200 beacon also comes standard with the most advanced beacon security available. Passwords can be set per device and protected internally, preventing compromised security even if the beacon is lost or stolen. Authorized connections are fully encrypted. Once settings are saved, the Bleu Station switches to broadcast-only mode and no longer accepts incoming connections.

The Bleu Station Series 200 is fully compatible with all Twocanoes Labs location-aware apps, including Bleu Setup, Geohopper, Bleu Meetings and Bleu JSS. No third-party activation is required to make Bleu Station beacons operational. All tools for configuring and deploying beacons are provided with the Bleu Station SDK with no per-user or per-impression fees that can drive up implementation costs. Developers may use Twocanoes apps or integrate the Bleu Station SDK into their own apps to configure and quickly implement automatic beacon detection and configuration.

“Our customers want robust, long lasting, future-proof beacons,” said Twocanoes Labs founder and CEO Timothy Perfitt, “and our Bleu Station Series 200 beacon delivers that.”

The Bleu Station 200 Series was designed by Twocanoes Labs with complete control over each step of the manufacturing process and includes FCC certification, full Bluetooth LE compliance and licensed to Apple’s iBeacon specifications. The included power supply is CE and UL certified.

Bleu Station hardware ships with a 90-day hardware warranty and firmware updates. Yearly support contracts are also available. The Bleu Proximity Starter Kit is available and includes three Bleu Station 200 Series beacons, access to deployment apps and SDK, sample code documentation, 90 days of phone support for integration and deployment.

Technical Specifications

  • Type: Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth Smart)
  • Security: Secure Simple Pairing and AES-128
  • RF: 2.4-2.8GHz
  • Typical line-of-sight range: 30-150 meters
  • Antenna: Integrated ceramic chip
  • Dimensions: L 53.01mm x W 21.31mm x H 13.83mm
  • Form Factor: USB Type A
  • Power: 5V USB Power Adaptor (included)
  • Admin Tools: Bleu Setup (iOS)
  • Available Settings: UUID, Major, Minor, Power Calibration, Password, Friendly name

The Bleu Station Beacon Series 200, Bleu Proximity Starter Kit and free apps are available at Twocanoes Software and Labs.