Naperville, Illinois – Twocanoes Software today released SD Clone 2.2, the quickest and easiest way to clone SD cards on the Mac. SD Clone is blazing fast and duplicates up to 8 SD cards simultaneously from an image file or SD card. SD Clone shrinks and expands the image to fit your data on any size card. SD Clone supports Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Linux variants and many other operating systems. SD Clone also supports all flash memory cards and formats, including SD and micro SD cards.

Cloning with SD Clone is simple and fast. Select the source SD card or image, select the destination cards, and go. Concurrent cloning means up to 8 SD cards may be cloned as fast as a single card. SD Clone writes to cards of all sizes, eliminating the headache of matching card capacities.

Cloning Raspberry Pi SD cards used to be a slow, one-at-a-time process copying the entire card, including unused space. SD Clone’s “Supercharged Raspberry Pi Mode” intelligently clones only used data, saving countless hours of data transfer, particularly to slower SD cards.

SD Clone is an essential backup tool for all flash media applications as well as a mass duplication solution for hardware developers. Reliably clone flash media as backup image or for microprocessor-based mass production in a variety of areas including:

* Digital signs and kiosks
* Classrooms and labs
* Robots in schools and manufacturing
* Internet of Things (IoT) devices
* Distribution of photos, movies, audio or software on SD cards
* And more

Licenses for SD Clone 2 are available in three editions:
SD Clone Single Card Restore
SD Clone 4 Concurrent Restores
SD Clone 8 Concurrent Restores

SD Clone 2.2 Feature Highlights:
* Fastest, easiest and most reliable way to clone SD cards
* Supports up to 8 concurrent SD card cloning operations at blazing speed
* Shrink and expand source data when restoring to larger or smaller cards
* Supercharged Raspberry Pi Mode for blazing fast cloning of Raspbian systems
* Clone from many sources: SD card, disk image, compressed disk image
* Clone data to any combination of card capacities and types
* Backup SD cards to an image file for safe keeping or archival purposes

System Requirements:
* Mac OS X 10.9 or higher including El Capitan 10.11
* SD card or other flash memory media
* SD card reader or adapter

“This is our best and fastest version of SD Clone yet,” says managing director Russell Scheil, “We’re excited for users to experience the speed, simplicity and dependability of SD Clone 2.”

SD Clone is available immediately on the Twocanoes website for trial or purchase. A 14-day free trial of SD Clone 2.2 is available at Twocanoes Software online. All editions of SD Clone include one year of maintenance and technical support. Visit Twocanoes Software online to download the free trial of SD Clone and get questions answered.