Winclone is a must-have utility for Boot Camp users.


Winclone 4


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Current Winclone 3 customers can upgrade to Winclone 4 by selecting the upgrade option above. Order history is linked by email address, so make sure that the email address associated with the upgrade transaction matches the email address used for the original Winclone 3 transaction. If you need help with purchasing your upgrade, please contact us at for assistance.

Contact us to learn about upgrade pricing for Winclone Site License.

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Winclone can be installed on up to two computers that the user owns.


$99.99 ($199.99 with Paid Support & Maintenance)

Winclone can be used to clone bootcamp partitions on an unlimited number of computers by a single admin.


$499.99 ($999.99 with Paid Support & Maintenance)

Any employee or contractor of an organization can use Winclone on an unlimited number of machines within the organization.

Paid Support & Maintenance

Email and phone support (U.S. only)

Upgrades for 2 years

A software license agreement is available for download.

If you purchased Winclone 3 after May 5, 2013, you are eligible to download Winclone 4 for no additional charge.

If you are a current Support and Maintenance customer with Winclone 3 Pro or Winclone 3 Site, you are eligible to download Winclone 4.

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