Bleu Meetings is an online service for distributing passes, information and notifications for events large and small. Use the web app to set up areas for your registration desk, conference areas, and meeting rooms.

Use the Bleu Meetings iPhone App to connect to your account and automatically configure Bleu Stations as iBeacons tied to locations in your event. The Bleu Meetings app can quickly and easily configure a beacon for each of your areas. In minutes your event will be Beacon-enabled. Passes distributed via the Bleu Meeting system immediately gain the benefit of location-awareness, giving your participants location-based updates relevant to their immediate location.

Once your Bleu Stations are configured for the proper location, use the tuning feature to adjust the power output to work in your environment. Decrease the broadcast power for a smaller coverage area. Monitor the signal of multiple stations and plan the layout and placement for optimal coverage.

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