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TCM is the best way to manage your Macs, instantly. Take a screenshot, open an app, open a web page, reboot a computer, send a UNIX command, reboot to Windows — all without leaving your desk. TCM does all of this right from a web browser. No software to install on the administrator computer and accessible from anywhere.

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TCM running on MacBook Pro Sierra

New in TCM 1.1

Screen sharing

Customers requested screen sharing. We delivered! TCM has screen sharing with a friendly UI from the on-site TCM Console.

To update to TCM 1.1, enter the email address you used to purchase TCM on our redownloads page.

Also updated in TCM 1.1

  • Fixed issue with client disconnecting and not reconnecting after wake.
  • Updated user interface.

TCM Overview



Easily send actions to one or hundreds of Macs instantly, right from a web browser.  Actions include Lock Screen, Open App, Open Web Page, Reboot, Reboot To Disk, Screen Shot, Send Unix Command, and Show Message.

Easy License Management

Manage TCM licenses right from the browser and TCM takes care of installing the license on the clients.

Control Views

Create a simplified view that limits what computers and actions can be performed by a  specific user.  Great for classroom management or for departmental admins that control a subset of Macs.

Tier User Administration

TCM gives complete control over who has access to what actions and what computers.

Browser Based

Once TCM is set up, all that is needed is a browser to connect and manage Macs. Since TCM manages your Macs through a browser, it works on every platform from everywhere. iPad, iPhone, Mac, Windows, Linux. You decide.


TCM automatically scales the interface to match the screen and makes it a breeze to manage Macs on any mobile device.

Instantly Send Unix Commands

Send any Unix command to any Mac and get the results back immediately. Reconfigure network interfaces, change the time zone, or kick off a software install. The possibilities are infinite.

Instantly Grab a Screenshot

Easily see how the Macs are being used. A screen shot is taken and instantly shown in the web browser. The screen shots are collected from multiple Macs and all are viewable right in the browser.

Engage the Screen Saver

TCM keeps the focus where it is needed.  With a single command, send all the selected Macs to the Screen Saver. If the Macs are set up to lock the user session when at the screen saver, a password will be required to log back in.

Open Any Application Instantly

Makes sure everyone is on the same page by instantly launching an application. Save time and reduce confusion by launching any application installed on the Mac instantly and everyone will be ready to go.

Open a Web Page Immediately

Forget short links and hard to type URLs.  With a single press, all the Macs open the same web page instantly in the default web browser. Control Views can associate a URL to a button so a single button press gets everyone on the same page instantly.

Reboot to Any OS

Reboot all the selected Macs instantly, or TCM can reboot to the first available Windows partition or any other partition specified. The partition can be specified by device identifier or label. Once the action is sent, it takes place instantly.

Works from Anywhere

All Macs connect to TCM via WebSockets using TLS security and TCM sends commands over this connection regardless of where the Macs are located. The Mac could be on a corporate desk, at home, in a lab, or at a coffee shop. As long as the Mac can connect to TCM, TCM can send commands to it.

Advanced Features

  • Group Macs by tags
  • Create users
  • Reset passwords
  • Send any command to any computer
  • Create control views to limit what others can do

The TCM administrator has full control over TCM and client Macs, and can manage both from a standard web browser.

Benefits Right from the Start

  • Engage participants
  • Keep Focus
  • Reduce staff time
  • Increase support satisfaction
  • Decrease support time

TCM administrators and lab facilitators will see benefits on day one.

Security Built In, Not Bolted On

All connections are secured with TLS 1.2 or greater, all clients use individual credentials, and clients use a pinned certificate for enhanced security.

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System Requirements

Console and Mac Clients
macOS 10.12 or later
Network connection
Administrator Computer
Mac or Windows machine with a modern web browser that supports WebSockets (Safari and Chrome recommended)


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HOW LONG: About 30 minutes

WHAT: We cover the basics of TCM, and we answer your questions.

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TCM News & Tips

TCM 1.1: Screen Sharing

We just released TCM 1.1 with a huge new feature: Screen Sharing. We have seen a bunch of folks in education loving it and see TCM as “Apple Classroom for Macs”. It was missing one key feature, though: screen sharing. So with the release of TCM 1.1, instructors and IT folks can automatically start screen sharing and connect to student macs with a click of a button.


TCM Reset Password

Last Updated On March 29, 2018User Password Reset by Account Owner If a user should forget his or her password for TCM Console, it can be reset by the account owner by going to the ‘users’ page in the browser application and entering a new password for the relevant user. Emergency Password Reset for Account…


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