Get the Hardware

We want to get a three pack of our Bleu Station iBeacon hardware in your hands and so we marked down the normal starter kit price from USD$249.99 to only $99.99! We normally ship out the starter kits the same business day, and we ship via FedEx Ground. Please use your email address when ordering, or add it to the comments when checking out. USE DISCOUNT CODE "APPLEBEACON"

Beacon-enabled Meeting Passes

Get access to a full featured backend to create, manage, and deploy beacon enabled passes. We provide all the resources so it is easy to setup and show off iBeacons-enabled passes. We help create great looking passes to invite folks to your meeting, and then light them up on the lock screen once your plug in a beacon. Learn more.

Show Native App Integration

Get your hands on a full featured native app demo that shows beacon integration into a native iOS 8 app. We provide all the details on getting the demo setup and you'll have the source code so you can customize it to your customer for a high-impact demo. Learn more.


Download a great presentation that covers iBeacon and goes through some great demos. The presentation covers an overview of beacon technology, some examples of regions and ranging, and some market discussions. A great starting point for beacon presentations. Download.

Let us help!

Have a great idea for a demo or presentation? Let us know and we can help design the perfect passbook pass, modify the demo app, or even demo to the customer. Let us know how we can help by sending an email to us.

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Case Studies

Read how Twocanoes Bleu Station beacons and Bleu Meetings played an integral part in the 2014 Penn State Mac Admins Conference and IDG’s 2014 MacWorld/iWorld Event.