Winclone 4

Cloning Boot Camp just got easier.

Current Version: 4.4

Yosemite Ready

Winclone is a must-have utility for Boot Camp users.



With a few clicks, create a snapshot of your Boot Camp partition or migrate your existing Boot Camp partition to a new Mac.

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Real PC Migration

Want to move your PC to your Mac? Winclone will transfer Windows, all your data, and every one of your applications to Boot Camp. A beautiful thing.

windows monitor

Network Ready

Transfer a Boot Camp partition or Winclone image from a Mac on the network.  Just connect two Macs together with an ethernet cable, join the same Wifi network, or plug them into a switch.

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Crazy Fast

Winclone 4 is over 34% faster than Winclone 3 on dual core Macs, and spreads the work out to all your processors. The more processors and cores you have, the faster Winclone 4 will be.


Manage One or Hundreds

Winclone 4 is easy to use in large environments and is supported by all major client management vendors. If you are an administrator who needs to deploy Boot Camp on a large number of Macs, Winclone makes it possible. If you can deploy a package, you can deploy a Boot Camp partition.

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Support and More

Need help? We are there for you. We have have videos, tutorials, screencasts, forums, and lots of support documents to make sure that you are up and running as quick as possible and any issues are resolved quickly.

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