Button Magic User Guide

Congratulations on your purchase of your Button Magic Button! This guide will get you started using your new button and getting the app set up on your iPhone.

Installing the Button Magic App

Install the app by going to http://appstore.com/buttonmagic and installing the app on your iPhone.

download on the appstore

Configuring the app

Once you have installed the app, launch it and tap “Add New…” to add your new Button Magic Button to the app.

Tap “Add New…”

Button Magic screenshot initial

Button Magic screenshot initial

Give your button a name:

Button Magic screenshot name button

Button Magic screenshot name button

and then select an action when the button is pressed.

The available options are:

  • Play/Pause Apple Music: When the button is pressed, Apple Music will start playing (if paused) or will pause (if already playing).  Note that the button transmits for 4 seconds when the button is pressed, so wait at least 5 seconds between presses for the action to take place.
  • Call Webhook: A webhook is a URL (like https://example.com/action) that triggers an action on an online service like IFTTT or Zapier.  See examples in the section below.  Note that all URLs must use SSL (They must start with https:// and use a secure connection).
  • Play Sound: This is a URL (like https://example.com/sound.mp3) that will download a sound file (like mp3 or wav, or any other sound file iOS supports).  If this option is activated, this sound will play when the button is pressed (even if the app is in the background!).  Some example sounds section below for URLs you can use.
  • Show Message: The show message option will show the text you enter in as a push notification if the app is in the background, or as a overlay if you are in the app:
Button Magic screenshot set push notification message

Button Magic screenshot set push notification message

Button Magic screenshot show push notifications in app

Button Magic screenshot show push notifications in app

Button Magic screenshot push notification

Button Magic screenshot push notification


Webhooks are URLs that are called as soon as you press the Button Magic button.  See the webhooks section below on setting up an example webhook.

Advanced Configuration

Your Button Magic Button sends out an iBeacon signal signals when pressed. It broadcasts as a iBeacon for 4 seconds. You can configure the iBeacon UUID, Major and Minor number using Bleu Setup from the app store.  To put the button into configuration mode, press and hold the button for 5 seconds.  A red led will show and then you can connect and configure the button from Bleu Setup.  If you do not connect within 30 seconds, the button will automatically exist configuration mode.

The default UUID is 4179E22F-0BB9-437F-B369-01D289C6359F and the major number of 0.  The minor number is the last 2 bytes of the serial number of the device.

Battery Replacement

The Button Magic Button uses a CR2032 coin cell battery. To replace the battery, use a small tool to the back of the button.  Remove and replace the battery, and then reattach the back.

Example Webhooks


Go go to IFTTT and set up an account.

Go to https://ifttt.com/maker_webhooks and click on Settings in the upper right corner:

Your webhook is now created!  You can see it under URL:

Now you need to configure a trigger name and a service that you want to call. For example, the trigger might be “buttonpress” and the service would be an email sent to you.  Once you have set up the trigger name and service, you’ll craft a URL based on the webhook above and the trigger name.

First, create a new trigger.  Click My Applets, and then click  New Applet. Select the +this option:

and choose the webhook service:


Choose the “Receive a web Request” as the trigger:

and give your trigger a name:

Now that we have the trigger name set up, you decide what to do when the button is pressed.  Click on “+that”:

And choose from the many service actions.  For this example, select the email action service:


You can configure advanced options for how the email will look, but for this example, just click “Create Action”:

Click Finish to complete the setup:

Now go to https://ifttt.com/maker_webhooks and click on “Documentation”:

Fill in your trigger name (in our example, “buttonpress”), and you’ll see the URL at the bottom of the page (after curl -X POST):

Copy this URL and put it into the Webhook Button Magic configuration:

Button Magic screenshot call IFTTT webhook

Button Magic screenshot call IFTTT webhook

Click Save and now when you press your Button Magic Button, the webhook will be called and you should have an email.