Migrate Boot Camp to a new Mac

Using Winclone to migrate your Boot Camp partition to a new Mac is easy.  Simply make a Winclone image of your existing Boot Camp partition and then restore that image to a new Boot Camp partition.

  1. Create an Winclone image of your current Boot Camp partition.  Step by step instructions are available at the Save Boot Camp to a Winclone Image support article.
  2. Create a Boot Camp partition on your new Mac. Step by step instructions are available at the Creating a Boot Camp Partition For Winclone 6 support article.
  3. Restore the Image back to your Boot Camp partition. Step by step instructions are available at the Restore a Winclone image support article.

If you are migrating from an older Mac to a newer Mac (like one with a T2 co-processor) and get a “inaccessible boot device” error, the image that was restored may not have the drivers required for the new hardware. To add the drivers, follow the support article “Resolving INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE Error after restoring Winclone image“.

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