Starter Kit

Starter Kit

Take your solution from proof-of-concept to live deployment with the Bleu Starter Kit. Each kit includes three Bleu Station beacons, developer-level technical support, access to the SDK and sample code, written documentation and 90-days of phone and email support to integrate Bleu Stations into your solution and deploy to live production.

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Getting Started

One-step configuration of Bleu Stations with Bleu Setup for iOS. Attach the Bleu Station to power and it will appear automatically Bleu Setup. Set a password, a few identifiers, and it's ready to go. For detailed instructions, see Setting Up Bleu Station with the Bleu Setup iOS App.

After setup, the Bleu Station will immediately start broadcasting over Bluetooth and is ready to use in your app. For fine-grained proximity control, the Bleu Setup app provides additional advanced settings for tuning Bleu Stations for any environment.

Starter Kit Contents

Three Bleu Stations Series 200 Beacons with Power Supply.
Ninety days of Integration support to get your questions answered fast.
Bleu Setup App to directly configure your new Bleu Station Beacons.
Royalty Free license to the Bleu SDK to integrate Bleu Station Beacons setup directly into your own apps.
Download sample projects that you can use as starting points for your own apps, or for integrating into your existing apps.
Access to beta versions of our SDK and firmware.
Free access of the Geohopper service so you can notify your friends and automate your life with your new beacons.
Automatically show beacon-enabled Passbook passes on your iPhone lock screen with the Bleu Meetings website.