Is Geohopper tracking my location?

No, Geohopper does not track location coordinates. Geohopper’s event messages contain only the name you create (home, school, work, grocery store, etc) when sending notifications. Only the recipients you select will receive your event messages. We made a conscious decision to make Geohopper extremely secure without sacrificing convenience.

How can I rename or remove a Pin?

New pins display the street address for that location by default. To create a custom name, tap the circled “i” on the right side of the pin’s banner to open the settings panel. Tap in the name field to change the name and save. To delete a pin, tap it on the map and a…


Will Geohopper work with my device turned off?

No, your iOS device needs to be turned on to detect your enter and exit events. Geohopper runs in the background, so it works even while the device is in your pocket. In order to preserve battery life, Geohopper activates Location Services only when the map view is open.

How do I update Geohopper?

Updates to Geohopper are available via the App Store on your iOS device. The notification center on your device will display notifications for updates.

Will my device work with Geohopper?

Please view our list of compatible devices. Geohopper requires an active internet connection and location services enabled on your iOS device.

How does Geohopper Work?

Geohopper uses geofencing technology to automatically generate events from your designated places. Geohopper will automatically send email, Twitter, RSS or other forms of communication to your selected recipients. Geohopper can be used to remotely control devices automatically based on your location.

Authorize Geohopper

To complete device registration, you must enter a valid email address. Tap the Done button at the top right side of the panel. A dialog window will confirm that the registration is submitted and reminds you to check your inbox for the Geohopper validation email message. Immediately after registering, you will receive the validation email…