What’s New in MDS 2.2

New Features Added URL for macOS Installer or ASR Disk Image: A URL can be specified for the macOS source so those items can easily be changed without updating a saved MDS disk image. MDM Improvements Display Computer Names: The main MDM view now shows the computer name for enrolled MDM computers New Commands: Install…


What’s New in MDS 2.1

Fixed issue with repackaging and copying A package that was not distribution type was not repackaged. Popup menu options for Variables When specifying variables, the user can be prompted with a set number of options as well as standard text.

What’s New in MDS 2.0.1

Fixed issue with .app error A regression where adding in an app to the Packages folder gave an error instead of being repackaged. Fixed Preferences UI issues and log button issue in main UI The log button on the main interface did not open anything. Some buttons were slightly cut off in preferences. Fixed toolbar…


What’s New in MDS 2

MDS 2 is an open source project for setting up, deploying and managing modern Macs. MDS 2 builds on the features of MDS 1 and adds in more features to make MDS 2 a complete solution for deploying modern Macs. It can be used standalone or can be used in tandem with other management systems,…


Observing MDS Automaton Keyboard Commands

When configuring an MDS automaton, sometimes it is helpful to observe and confirm the content and timing of the commands it was programmed to send. A simple way to do this is to use the macOS Keyboard Viewer. To open the Keyboard Viewer, go to System Preferences > Keyboard > Input Sources. Click on “Show…


Deploying Xcode CI Servers with MDS

MDS is the fastest way to get a Mac up and running. It can be used with Xcode Continuous Integration (CI) servers for fully automating initial deployment and wipe/reinstall for upgrades and maintenance. MDS MDS automates the install of macOS and packages with the help of the the MDS Automaton. The MDS Automaton attaches to…