Saving to FAT32 format

If you get this warning message: “You are saving an image onto a volume that only supports files less than 4 GB…” it means that the storage volume is probably in FAT32 format, which will allow a single file to be up to 4GB in size but no larger. The Winclone image file to save…


Convert Windows XP from FAT32 to NTFS

Summary Converting Windows XP from FAT32 to NTFS1. Background2. Disadvantages and workarounds3. Advantages4. Make a backup5. Conversion process steps Introduction Microsoft ended mainstream support for the Windows XP operating system in 2009, but continue to provide security updates until April 2014. Those using XP installed on a DOS (FAT32)-formatted Boot Camp partition will find options…


Re-Download License Key

Please visit Enter in the email you used to purchase Boot Runner and hit enter. A new link to download Winclone and a link to access your license key will be emailed to you. Any problems? Email us at

Run CHKDSK on Boot Camp

Overview As a maintenance practice, you should always run chkdsk in Windows prior to making a Winclone image and shrinking or expanding the Boot Camp file system. Chkdsk is an internal Windows maintenance utility that checks for disk errors and repairs bad blocks. Running chkdsk should be part of routine Windows maintenance. Follow these steps…


Troubleshooting Packages

Package Restore Stalls Is your package set to create a boot camp partition? If so,please verify: A current partition does not exist on thedestination machine The destination partition is at least 4-5GB larger than the original sourcepartition On the destination machine, open Disk Utility. Select your computer’s HDD and attempt to add a new partition…


Migrating a Real PC to Boot Camp

Migrating a Real PC to Boot Camp Winclone can assist withmoving aentire PC operating system to Boot Camp without reinstalling Windows. Bear in mind that you will be removing the PC drive from the casing as part of this migration process. Make sure you are comfortable with removing the drive or have a technician remove…


Restoring an Image

Common Restore Problems: Make sure that Boot Camp is a large enough partition to contain the image. Compare the size of the image displayed in Sources with the Boot Camp partition size displayed in the Destination window. Make sure the destination partition is at least 3-4 GB larger in size than the source image file…


Creating an Image

Creating an Image To successfully image your Boot Camp partition, please make sure to check the following: – Run chkdsk /b in Windows to fix any bad data blocks – Verify there is adequate storage space available for saving the image file – Verify that the source Boot Camp partition is NTFS file format. Winclone…


Where can I receive additional support?

For immediate answers, try our support forums. Submit a support request. For support and maintenance holders, initiate a ticket or give us a call during business hours, Central Time.