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Creating, Customizing, and Deploying Winclone Packages Using Winclone 8 Pro or later

October 1, 2019

Winclone 8 Pro makes it easy to create, customize and deploy Windows packages to Boot Camp partitions. Winclone 8 Pro makes it easy to create a Winclone package either from a SysPrep’ed image or from a WIM file on a Windows installation ISO. The image can be customized during deployment to set the computer name, create user accounts, run scripts, install drivers and much more. This documents explains how to create, customize and deploy a Winclone package using Winclone 8 Pro.

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What’s New in Winclone 8.0

August 23, 2019

Winclone 8 brings a host of new features and full compatibility with macOS Catalina. Learn more in this article about all the new features of …

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What’s New in Winclone 7.3.4

May 3, 2019

Winclone 7.3.4 fixes an issue with deploying Winclone packages created with Winclone Pro 7.3.3. Packages created with Winclone Pro 7.3.3 that create a Boot Camp …

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No Audio on Window 10 After Restoring Winclone Image on MacBook Pro (2012)

April 13, 2019

On the 2012 MacBook Pro, audio may not work in Windows after restoring a Winclone image. To resolve this, do not boot into Windows after …

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Deploying macOS and Windows 10 Using Winclone Pro and MDS

February 18, 2019

Note: Please use MDS 1.5 or later and Winclone Pro 7.3.3 or later. MDS is a free, efficient way to deploy macOS, packages, and scripts …

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Winclone 7.3 Released

November 1, 2018

We just released Winclone 7.3, and it has minor updates to the user interface and progress bar. We also added in offline license validation for …

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Prepare Windows with Sysprep in a Virtual Machine

October 23, 2018

Introduction If a Windows restore does not start up due to new hardware not being detected, it can be resolved by running Sysprep. Sysprep will …

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Migrate Windows 10 to an External Drive

October 23, 2018

Introduction The focus of this document is on the process of migrating an existing Windows 10 Boot Camp partition from the internal drive to a …

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Winclone License Key Registration Issues

October 1, 2018

If you are trying to activate Winclone and receive an error message such as “Registration Error:┬áInvalid License Key”, there are some steps you can take …

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Winclone 7.2 Update

September 21, 2018

The Winclone 7.2 update includes the following new features: Incremental Imaging Scheduler: Automatically update a Winclone image on a set schedule. Added the ability to …

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