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Import WinPE

June 5, 2018

Windows Preinstallation Environment (WinPE) is a minimal version of Windows used for deploying a full-featured Windows installation. A common workflow is to boot WinPE from a USB drive and image from System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) or Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT). Using WinPE with Winclone allows you to create a local partition with a WinPE boot partition instead of needing to insert a USB drive in all machines.

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System Integrity Protection in Winclone 7 (or later)

May 5, 2018

Apple has implemented a new security feature, System Integrity Protection (SIP), starting with OS X 10.11.  SIP prevents anyone from altering the contents of files in key System folders and is designed to protect System files from malware and viruses.  SIP also affects third-party apps like Winclone that need to write to files now under protection of SIP.  If you are getting a message that the boot sector cannot be updated, or that SIP needs to be disabled, this article may help.

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Offline Activation For Winclone 6 or later

April 6, 2018

In order to activate your license key, your Mac must be online at the time it is being activated. If you are activating Winclone on …

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Extracting a Winclone Image from a Package

April 4, 2018

If you created a Winclone package but no longer have the original Winclone image, you can extract the image from the package by following these …

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Windows Boot Issues after Winclone Restore

April 2, 2018

After restoring a Windows image with Winclone, try these steps if the Windows image does not boot: Verify that the version of Windows is supported …

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Switching between File-Based (WIM) and Block-Based Imaging in Winclone 6 (or later)

March 18, 2018

Winclone 6 (or later) can clone and restore in 2 different modes: file-based (WIM) or block-based. The differences are covered in the kbase article here. …

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Creating a GPT Formatted Disk in macOS 10.12 or later

June 25, 2017

Boot Camp only supports GPT formatted disks. If you have a new hard drive and are formatting it for the first time with Disk Utility, …

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Preparing Windows for Deployment with Winclone Pro

June 25, 2017

When mass deploying Windows onto dual-boot Macs where a Microsoft infrastructure is available, it is recommend that you prepare a base image of Windows 10 …

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Creating a Boot Camp Partition For Winclone 6 or later

March 15, 2017

Previous version of this article. If you are restoring a Winclone 6 (or later) image on a Mac that does not currently have a Boot …

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Tips for Preparing a Boot Camp Migration

January 13, 2017

Moving Windows to new hardware can introduce problems, many of which can be addressed at the source, before the migration. The single most likely problem for …

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