Winclone and System Integrity Protection (SIP)

Note: if using Winclone 7 or later, visit the updated article Apple has implemented a new security feature, System Integrity Protection (SIP), starting with OS X 10.11. SIP prevents anyone from altering the contents of files in key System folders and is designed to protect System files from malware and viruses. SIP also affects third-party apps like Winclone that need…


Installing License Key (Winclone 4 and 5 Only)

This article refers to Winclone 4 and 5 only. For Winclone 6 license installation help, see: How do I get a Winclone 6 License Key? When downloading and installing your license key please make sure to do the following: Right click on the license key link and select “Download linked file” Save the license key…


Windows 7 on latest Mac Models

Starting with the 2015 Macbook Pro and Macbook Air Models, Macs no longer support Windows 7 Please view Apple’s boot camp requirements here:

Locating Partition Identifier using Terminal

You can locate your bootcamp or Mac OS X partition identifier using Terminal. Open Utilities -> Terminal on your Machine Enter in the command ’diskutil list’ (without the quotation marks) Select the disk identifier from the list Locate the boot camppartition from the list. In this example, the identifier is disk1s4 Boot Runner Setup Screen…


Purchasing a Winclone Upgrade

Winclone 5 to Winclone 6 Upgrade Eligibility If you purchased Winclone 5 between December 15, 2016 and March 15, 2017 you are eligible for a free upgrade to Winclone 6. If you purchased Winclone Pro with a Support and Maintenance contract after March 15, 2016 you are eligible for a free upgrade to Winclone 6….


Using Winclone Backup

Table of Contents Activating Incremental Backups Basic Configuration Excluding Folders Setting Backup Intervals Restoring Files The release of of Winclone 5 introducedour Winclone Backup feature. The combination of periodic cloning with scheduled incremental backups ensures a speedy recovery from data loss, even in the worst case scenario. Activating Winclone Backup To activate Winclone Backup, open…


Winclone Basic User Guide

Table of Contents Preparing Boot Camp Creating an Image Restoring an Image Preparing Boot Camp Run CHKDSK in Windows before running Sysprep: Run CHKDSK on Boot Camp Creating an Image Open Winclone Basic and make sure that your boot camp partition is listed next to ’Bootcamp Partition’ and appears on the application: Next, select “Save…