Sysprep Issues

If Sysprep fails to complete, there are several possible causes: Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service may interfere with Sysprep. The solution is to stop or disable Windows Media Player Network Sharing Services in Services. Sysprep may fail with a “fatal error” message if the Windows system has run Sysprep multiple times previously. As a…


Common Restore Problems

Make sure that Boot Camp is a large enough partition to contain the image. Compare the size of the image displayed in Sources with the Boot Camp partition size displayed in the Destination window. Confirm that the Boot Camp partition is the last among the first four partitions on the local drive. Go to Utilities…


Common Imaging Problems

To successfully image Boot Camp, please make sure to check the following: Run chkdsk /b in Windows to fix any bad data blocks Verify there is adequate storage space available for saving the image file Verify that the source Boot Camp partition is NTFS file format. Winclone does not support the FAT32 format.

Shrink a Winclone Image

Overview If you want to restore a Winclone image onto a partition that is smaller than the file system that was used to make the Winclone image, you need to restore theWincloneimage to a sparse bundle image, shrink the file system, then create a new Winclone image of the sparse image. You can then restore…


Sending Log Files to Support

The system Console log can contain helpful troubleshooting information. Winclone can extract the relevant Console log information, along with partition information, to send in when requesting technical support. Please first enable verbose logging by visiting Winclone -> Preferences -> checkmark verbose logging. Attempt to performaction. Extract log files, select Help -> Send Logs under the…


Migrating a Boot Camp Partition

This Article Covers Migration Overview What you will Need Prepare Boot Camp with CHKDSK Step 1: Run Sysprep In Windows Sysprep Options Sysprep Processing Step 2: Migrate Boot Camp over the Network Step 3: Install Boot Camp drivers Summary Migration Overview back to top^ Migrating Boot Camp is easy with Winclone. In this tutorial we…