Create User with macOS Package

Note: The content of this post is no longer relevant as of MDS 1.4 in which a workflow can be configured to create a user account automatically. See version history. You can use a package to create an initial user on macOS with MDS using the pycreateuserpkg script from Greg Neagle on GitHub:

Deploying macOS and Windows 10 Using Winclone Pro and MDS

Note: Please use MDS 1.5 or later and Winclone Pro 7.3.3 or later. MDS is a free, efficient way to deploy macOS, packages, and scripts to modern Macs. Winclone Pro creates standard macOS packages that partition and install Windows 10. Using MDS, you can quickly deploy Dual Boot Macs, setting up both the Mac partition…


Configure MDS Automaton

The MDS Automaton automates the keyboard presses needed to fully automate a Mac setup using resources from the MDS macOS app. When the MDS Automaton is plugged in to a USB port, it will send the keyboard command to boot to recovery (⌘R) then wait for a default 30 seconds; this is followed by the…


MDS Automaton

The Mac Deploy Stick Automaton is used to send commands to a Mac for fast and easy setup of a large number of Macs. The MDS Automaton comes with an enclosure and a USB cable for easy setup. Features Adafruit ItsyBitsy microcontroller (preconfigured and installed in enclosure) Microcontroller enclosure USB cable (micro-USB to USB-A) If…


MDS 3 Admin Guide

Note: This unmaintained guide is for an unsupported version of MDS on our website for archival purposes. To view the most recent MDS Admin Guide, visit Overview MDS is a macOS application to create the resources needed to automate the install of macOS and initial software packages. Recent Macs do not support NetBoot or…