What’s New in MDS 2.2

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New Features Added

  • URL for macOS Installer or ASR Disk Image: A URL can be specified for the macOS source so those items can easily be changed without updating a saved MDS disk image.

MDM Improvements

  • Display Computer Names: The main MDM view now shows the computer name for enrolled MDM computers
  • New Commands: Install Application, Block, Unblock, Remove Profile, Erase Device. Commands can be applied to individual machine or multiple machines at once.
  • Device and associated data can be deleted from MDM server.


  • Reordering of resources: Packages, scripts, and profiles can now be re-ordered in the workflow
  • Prevent Sleep: When packages are being installed as first boot, the Mac is prevented from sleeping to enable packages to successfully install.
  • Automatic Download of Online Resources: When a new version of Imagr is required and resources are saved, Imagr is automatically downloaded and then the saving of the resources continues without user interaction. A cancel button was also added to the Downloading Resources sheet.
  • MDS workflow name passed to scripts: The variable mds_workflowname is now passed to scripts that contains the name of the selected workflow.
  • Improved Imagr UI: Imagr now shows the install.log and has menus for copy, pasting, and closing windows.
  • Automaton Improvements: Added option for automaton to default to english
  • New Resources: Added sample packages including CustomInitialDesktopBackground
  • Select Folder Dialog Box: When the button is pressed to select Packages, Scripts, or Profiles, the current folder is shown instead of the last opened location.
  • Customize Run Command: A new preference section was added for specifying a customized Run command. If a run command is specified, it will be copied to the resources instead of the stock run script.

Issues Resolved

  • fixed #425 : Running out of disk space when creating dmg
  • fixed #413: Pre-OS packages folder isnt cleared when removing only.
  • fixed issue #410: Revive packages from the Disabled/ directory instead of re-copying
  • fixed issue #409 : Writing to source folder may create unexpected behavior for user
  • fixed issue #398: Combine Check for Network and Connect to Wifi
  • fixed issue #439 : 2.1 not showing loginlog
  • completed issue #397:MDM Profile UI is rendered below dock on small screens
  • fixed issue # 328: Click on Name or Active column to sort workflows by order
  • made local webserver listen on only.
  • fixed turning on ssh
  • resolved issue Issue #347 : Custom Imagr pref location set as key serverurl not respected when saving to disk image or volume
  • bumped version for Imagr fix of 2 issues: Issue #418 Access mds_var variables from script that run during workflow and #438 Progress bar on osinstall not working (thanks to Christopher Bradsher!)
  • added touching AppleSetupDone when no os is install as part of workflow