Newsletter Vol. 9

Introducing Bleu Meetings

Bleu Meetings Laptop

Greetings from Twocanoes Labs! Late last year we unveiled the beta version of Bleu Meetings, a beacon-enabled meetings service for location-aware smartphone passes. Bleu Meetings is an easy, low-cost way to provide custom smartphone passes to keep participants in the loop with event updates, barcode check-in, lock screen alert messages and location-based notifications. If you are planning an event of any size, you owe it to yourself to check out Bleu Meetings and sign up for a 30 day free trial.

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See Bleu Meetings in Action

Bleu Station Beacon - Series 300

Bleu Station Series 300

Our new beacon model, Bleu Station Series 300, is the first battery-powered beacon from Twocanoes Labs. When building this battery powered Beacon, we wanted to make sure we got the details right, particularly the weather resistant enclosure, security bracket and battery life. The 300 Series will start shipping by the end of March 2015.

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Tim and Reid demostrating the Smart Sales Floor at NRF

The Smart Sales Floor

Twocanoes Labs is partnering with LNL Systems to integrate beacons onto the smart sales floor. Associates automatically get notified on their two-way radios when a customer?s smart phone is near a Bleu Station Beacon, reducing costs and bringing customer service to a new level.
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  • Bleu Meetings

    If you organize small gatherings or large events, Bleu Meetings is for you.

  • Bleu Setup

    Use Bleu Setup to easily configure and deploy your Bleu Station Beacons.

  • Bleu JSS

    Bleu JSS for iOS makes beacon deployment a one-touch process.

  • Guest Pass

    Let guests easily join your WiFi network with Guest Pass.

  • Geohopper

    A whole new way to send location based messages using beacons.

  • SSL Detective

    A great tool for investigating SSL/TLS certificates and certificate chains.