Passbook Pass identifier trouble

We have been adding some support for creating Passbook passes within Bleu Setup, and I have been coding the backend to actually sign the passes. I had some issues with signing the passes initially, and it turns out that the passTypeIdentifier and teamIdentifier must match the appropriate values in the certificate you used to sign the pass. It took me a while to figure out the issue since I was lazy and wasn’t testing with a real device connected. When I did get the error, the error was very specific: the passTypeIdentifier, teamIdentifier, or certificate chain was invalid. I opened up the JSON in the pass, changed the passTypeIdentifier to match the certificate I created in the developer portal, and set the team identifier to our team identifier (in the dev portal as well). Then it all worked great.

A couple of small notes:

1. Even when the pass had the incorrect identifiers, Mavericks still showed it as being correct and allowed me to “send it to my device via iCloud”. It never showed up.

2. If I attempted to email the pass with the incorrect identifiers, it showed up fine in mail in Mavericks, but showed (null) as the attachment name in Mail on iOS. Not all that helpful, but it cleared up once I added in the correct identifiers.