Press Release

Winclone 3 for OS X – Move, Image, Resize Boot Camp Partition Files

Naperville, Illinois – Twocanoes Software today announces Winclone 3 for OS X, an application that allows users to easily image, partition, and migrate the Boot Camp partition on their Mac. Apples Boot Camp assists in the installation of Microsoft Windows operating systems on Macintosh computers. Winclone allows users to migrate data from one Boot Camp partition to another partition, hard drive, or computer with ease, or change the size of the Boot Camp partition.

Simplifying many complex IT procedures, Winclone can transfer Microsoft Windows partitions from one computer to another, shrink or expand the Windows file system on a Boot Camp partition, or allow users to save their Boot Camp partition to an external hard drive for safe-keeping. Users may move the data from one Boot Camp partition to another, in order to image, or clone, the Microsoft Windows operating system. This cloning software focuses on creating an accurate image of Apple’s Boot Camp partition and allows for adjustment of the partition size and location.

Feature Highlights:
* Transfer, resize, and restore Microsoft Windows Boot Camp partition files in OS X
* User-friendly interface
* Monitor file status and errors during image creation
* Saves time…no more Windows re-installs
* Consolidates disk space
* Migrate Microsoft Windows Boot Camp partitions to other computers with ease

With Winclone, users will save hours of time by not having to reinstall Windows. They can effortlessly revert to an earlier version of Windows stored on an external hard drive, transfer a Boot Camp partition to another Mac within the same processor family, create an image of Windows 7, Vista, or XP on NTFS filesystems, or resize Windows filesystems.

Before Winclone, when users wanted to transfer their files from a Boot Camp partition on one Mac to another, they had to create a Boot Camp partition on their new Mac, reinstall Windows, reinstall their applications, input all serial numbers, and restore files into Windows – a time consuming process. Winclone simplifies this process. Winclone allows Mac users to create an image of a Boot Camp partition, place it onto an external drive, plug the external drive into the new computer, and using Winclone on the new computer, restore the image onto the Boot Camp partition. Once this easy process is completed, the new computer will boot up into Windows and look identical to the Boot Camp partition from the original source.

Unlike other imaging software, Winclone is designed specifically for Boot Camp and Microsoft Windows, making it easy to use. When launching Winclone, the only partition the user will see is the Boot Camp partition. Users select the Boot Camp volume, create the image, and then restore the image to a Boot Camp partition on another Mac system. Winclone is straightforward and user-friendly for even the most non-technical users.

Winclone also gives users the option of keeping or removing memory cache files to decrease the size of the image. These caches are recreated the next time Windows is booted. During the Winclone process users can easily monitor imaging progress, and any errors that may have occurred, via the Open Console Log in the Winclone Tools Menu. After imaging, new images are automatically added to Sources in the Winclone interface. Images can also be added by dragging them to Winclone from an external drive, or by simply double clicking on the Winclone image in the Finder.

Winclone requires OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or OS X 10.7 (Lion) and Windows 7, Vista or XP (NTFS) running in a Boot Camp partition.

“Winclone will save you hours of time and effort when migrating Microsoft Windows partitions on your Mac,” said Twocanoes Software’s Timothy Perfitt. Let Winclone do the work for you.”

System Requirements:
* Mac OS X 10.6 or higher
* 3.65 MB
* Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP (NTFS), Boot Camp Partition

Pricing and Availability:
Winclone 3 is $19.99 (USD) for an Individual License (up to two computers), $99.99 for the Pro Version (unlimited computers by a single administrator), and $499.99 for a Site License (unlimited computers by any employee or contractor) and are all available through the Twocanoes website. Review copies are available on request.