Beautiful keyboard shortcuts for improved productivity.

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Quick Access to Common Tasks

Quickly get access to common tasks in macOS with a quick keyboard shortcut. Press Control-Command-Delete, and you have quick access to locking the screen, switching to the Login Window, Activity Monitor, Terminal, and switching to Dark Mode. Stop wasting precious time reaching for the mouse or searching with spotlight for these common operations.

More Keyboard. Less clicking.

Status Menu

Use the Status Menu for quick access to all tasks, and manage app settings.

Built-In Help

Learn the basic, then move on to the advanced features with integrated help.

Stay Up-to-date

Salute automatically checks to make sure you are on the latest version of the app.

Activate Dark Mode

macOS 10.14 features a new Dark Mode, but without Salute you have to dig into the settings to switch between light and dark mode. With Salute, press the hot key and then command-d, and you are immersed in the new dark mode goodness. When you want to return to the light, just do the same combination again.


Store all your passwords in keychain and want to get at them fast? Press the hot key then command-k and you are so there.

Lock Screen

Want to step away from your desk but need to lock your screen? Press the hot key and then return, and the macOS screen saver is activated for privacy. If you have a password set to dismiss the screen saver, your Mac is now locked as well!

Switch to Login Window

macOS can switch to the Login Window when someone is still logged in, and Salute makes this easy! Press the hot key, then command-return, and you are immediately transported to the Login Window.

Start Activity Monitor

Laptop running hot? Need to see why the network is so slow? Salute makes opening Activity Monitor as easy as a hot key press and command-a.

Launch Terminal

Some of us live in the Terminal, and getting fast access can be important. With Salute, a quick hot key press and command-T, and you are now a Unix hacker!