Bleu Meetings is an online service to send timely meeting information right to the lock screen of participants’ smartphones. Meeting organizers can create and send smartphone passes, update meeting information instantaneously and send lock screen notifications to smartphones automatically when near a beacon.

Bleu Meetings raises the participant engagement from initial invitation and on-site check-in through closing sessions. Participants receive an email invitation with a link to install the pass to Wallet on iPhones and Passwallet on Android devices. Once a pass is installed on a smart phone, organizers can send meeting updates and lock screen notifications. Changes to participant passes take effect immediately. Pass information may include session schedules and descriptions, speaker biographies, web link resources, contact information and more.

Bleu Meetings passes are compatible with Wallet for iPhone or iPod touch on iOS 6 or later and on Android using the Passwallet app on the Google Play store.

Bleu Meetings passes work great with beacons and are easy to set up. Beacon-enabled passes will trigger a custom lock screen message on smart phone lock screens when in proximity to an iBeacon.

Bleu Meetings passes can be customized for event branding. Passes contain a unique barcode for each participant, making Bleu Meetings a perfect solution for meeting check-in, registration and access credentials.