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Use Bleu Bridge in Retail

Leverage your existing two-way radio system to send automated announcements.

Smarter Customer Assistance

A customer needing assistance can trigger a radio announcement via your web app.
Use cameras, motion detectors, and mats to know when customers are in areas where they most often need assistance.
Wirelessly, easily add buttons throughout your business that allow customers to request help from sales staff.

Decrease Pick Times for BOPIS, BOSFS, BOCPUFS

Buy Online, Pickup In Store (BOPIS); Buy Online, Ship From Store (BOSFS); Buy Online, Curbside Pickup From Store (BOCPUFS): Bleu Bridge triggers announcements for online purchases over in-store two-way radios. This reduces pick times, increases fill rates, and increases customer satisfaction.

Add Devices Wirelessly

No need to use store wifi. Our Bluetooth relay system allows to connect almost any device to Bleu Bridge without wires. Just configure and plug in our relays. That is it. Avoid delays associated with using your store's wifi network.

Loss Prevention

The same sensors that help you increase customer satisfaction can alert you the light-fingered lingering in large loss locations. Automate announcements based on linger-time in high loss areas. Customize the linger-time and the announcement by location.

Delve into Metrics

Bleu Bridge records events from cameras, motion detectors, physical-web devices, mats, smart-phone proximity, online orders, retails web apps, and more to give you new insight into your business.

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