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We are no longer accepting donations for XCreds. Please visit the MacAdmins slack channel for any questions you have.

Looking to buy technical support for XCreds? See the XCreds Support Plans page.

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Support the development of XCreds with a donation

It is a great way to support the development of XCreds or to say thanks for the project. Donations do not provide any additional software support or functionality, but it supports the project and makes all of us feel good inside. It also keeps the project going.

If you are looking for support plans for XCreds, please visit the XCreds Support Plans page. It is another great way to support the project and allows organizations to support the project.

If you have any questions or want to donate offline, please contact us.

All donations make you eligible for the XCreds Donor Leaderboard.

LevelDonation AmountReward
Bronze$50Listed as a donor on the leaderboard and on XCreds YouTube video description. Tweet from @twocanoes with thanks for supporting the project.
Silver$100Everything at the prior level plus a Twocanoes Diner Mug.
Gold$200Everything at the prior levels plus a Circuit Playground Express.
Platinum$500Everything at the prior levels plus an MDS Automaton.

Leading Donors

Craig HairPlatinum10-05-22
Curtis GundersenSilver8-31-22
Sean MurphyBronze8-31-22
Martin CechBronze8-31-22
Tadayuki OnishiBronze9-09-22