The next iBeacon frontier: Mobile Device Management


Using iBeacons to trigger polices on iPhones and iPads with
mobile device management (MDM) is giving IT system administrators with large deployments of mobile new options that improve user experience and enterprise security while reducing help desk costs. JAMF Software, creators of the Casper Suite client management and MDM solution, is leading the way and posted a great article called “Five benefits of using iBeacon to distribute or restrict technology”.

Some great points:

  1. Accuracy – Since iBeacon is a proximity technology, it is extremely accurate indoors. When a device senses an iBeacon in close range via Bluetooth, actions can be immediately taken on the device — without relying on satellite connectivity which is subject to atmospheric and building penetration issues.
  2. Privacy – Because iBeacons are not tracking users everywhere they go, and rather simply logging when they come into range of an iBeacon, users can feel confident that their privacy is preserved and that IT is not tracking them when they leave work or school. No Big Brother here.
  3. Integration – iBeacon is a native Apple technology, so it integrates seamlessly and scales effortlessly with your Apple ecosystem.
  4. Affordability – Because even an iPad can be configured as an iBeacon (via a number of free apps), the technology is affordable, accessible, and scalable.
  5. Usability – iBeacons use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Technology, so there’s very little impact to the users device and battery life. And since it’s built into the operating system natively, it just works.

We have been working with Casper Administrators around the
world to leverage iBeacon triggered polices to automatically configure
printers, install software and profiles and lots, lots more. We even created an app called Bleu JSS to easily setup and deploy beacons with the Casper Suite. Go grab a beacon or a starter kit and start using beacons to make management a whole lot easier.

Check out the full article here.