Guest Pass makes sharing your Wi-Fi easy

Guest Pass makes sharing your Wi-Fi network with guests easy. Just fill out the simple questions in Guest Pass and e-mail the resulting Guest Pass without ever leaving the app. Your friends or family receive an attachment that they tap or click, and the next time they are near your network, their iPhone, iPad, or…


Turn off iPhone Camera With iBeacons

In many environments it is important to turn off the camera on an iPhone when entering into a facility. Using Bleu Station Beacons, you can automatically disable a camera when in range of a beacon, and re-enable the camera once you are out of range of the beacon. You can also flip it around, and…


Disable Texting while driving With iBeacons

Disable Texting while driving With iBeacons Have you ever wanted to remove the temptation to text while driving? Using a Bleu Station Beacon in your car, you can disable the Message app on iOS whenever you are nearby the beacon, preventing you from sending or receiving texts. When you get out of the car, Messages…


30th History of the Mac Video

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been busy beacon-enabling Macworld/iWorld 2014 and creating a scavenger hunt for the show to demonstrate iBeacon technology. The scavenger hunt goal is to identify specific Mac models based on hints that only appear when you are near one of our Bleu Station beacons. To make it more…



Twocanoes’ Russell Scheil just did an awesome video of the content he does in our biweekly webinars. It covers everything from cloning and restoring to package based deployment. Check it out. Using Winclone from Twocanoes Software on Vimeo. Join us as we walk through the basics of using Winclone. We’ll talk about how Winclone works,…


WWDC2013 sold out in 90 seconds

WWDC2013 sold out in 90 seconds. Here is a linear graph showing how long that is relative to the last 5 years. From data from @akosma

Boot Runner 1.3

Boot Runner 1.3 has a feature that we are very excited about: The ability to schedule a startup volume selection based on a schedule. Our customers have been asking for a way to keep their Windows machines up to date, and it has been problematic in the past since it requires the dual boot machines…