Setting up a Geohopper notification

A quick video to show setting up a Geohopper notification when exiting a location. Tim shows how he sets up a trigger so his wife knows when he leaves the office. (Source:

Geohopper RSS Feed Screen Saver

Geohopper RSS Feed Screen Saver As Tim puts the finishing touches on Geohopper, we’ve been testing various ways that Geohopper can talk to other well-established services on the internet. One that I’ve found surprisingly useful, despite the potentially low “wow” factor is the RSS feed screen saver. RSS feeds are nothing new and are the…


Oh my. When I enter and exit a location with geohopper, my Internet bunny does this. Now I just need add a feature in the app for the karotz API keys and tag support.

Geohopper goes to the coffee shop

tperfitt: Geohopper goes to the coffee shop. from Twocanoes Software on Vimeo. A quick look at Geohopper and how to get it to notify your friends that you are out and about. (Source: