Winclone 6 Beta!

Last month I wrote about issues with block sizes and migrating Boot Camp partitions and said this:

There is currently no way to update the MFT record size without reformatting, but I will continue to investigate and will update as I know more. In the meantime, you can always boot Windows in Boot Camp with an external drive, or reinstall/migrate Windows.

Things have changed a lot in the last month! We have been hard at work on Winclone 6, which makes it easy to migrate from a non USB-C mac to the new USB-C macs. It also means that if you do package deployments with Winclone, you’ll be able to have one image to deploy on any boot camp partition. How is all this magic possible? We are introducing a new file format for Winclone based on the WIM file format. It will give lots of flexibility to include drivers, scripts, and other files on during restore (and package deployment).

Want to give it a try? The beta version is available to all current Winclone 5 customers. Sign up here!