Support Document: Create a Boot Camp Partition

Create a Boot Camp Partition

Create a Boot Camp partition

This tutorial walks through the steps to manually create the Boot Camp partition. Open Utilities -> Disk Utility and:

1. Select the drive.
2. Select the Partition tab
3. Click + to add a partition
Note: Make sure that the partition map scheme is a GUID Partition Table. If it is not, then you'll need to repartition the entire drive and select GPT under Options in order to use Winclone to restore an image. This is the standard partition scheme on the Mac.

OS X 10.8.3: Fusion drives and standard 3TB drives should use Boot Camp Assistant rather than Disk Utility to create the Boot Camp partition.

create partition on destination

Set File System type

Format the new Boot Camp partition as MS-DOS (FAT). The file system will become NTFS during the process of restoring the Winclone image.

1. Select the new partition.
2. Set the format to MS-DOS (FAT)

set file system type

Resize Partitions

You can now drag the divider between the partitions to set the size you would like of the Windows partition and the Mac partition. Remember that the new Windows partition must be at least the size of the imaged file system as described in Step 9 above. It is also a good practice to make the new partition larger than the file system since there can be slight differences between how the size is calculated. If you chose the Shrink Windows Filesystem option before imaging (step 5 above), be sure to create a partition at least large enough to contain the file system, temporary cache files and your own file data.

resize partitions

Boot Camp partition name

Give the new partition an easily recognizable name.

name the partition

Apply changes

Click Apply to resize the Mac partition and create a new Windows partition.

apply changes


Disk Utility will verify the operations it is about to perform. Make sure that the Boot Camp partition is being added and the Mac partition is being resized. If this is correct, click Partition.