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Bleu Station

The Bleu Station Series 200 beacon heralds the next-generation iBeacon technology from Twocanoes Labs. Building on the success of the Bleu Station 100, the Bleu Station 200 Series features a new design for easier implementation and deployment, security and firmware updates. Bleu Station beacons are installed in thousands of locations in retail, hospitality and industrial sectors. Bleu Station 200 Series are available for purchase now from the Twocanoes Store.


Apple introduced iBeacon technology in iOS 7 for iPhone and iPad. iBeacon is Apple-licensed technology implemented in small low-energy Bluetooth devices that broadcast to nearby iOS devices. The iBeacon standard allows the iPhone to distinguish from among many different detected beacons, making it an ideal mechanism to display relevant information to customers at the right time and place.

Bleu Station fully supports any app or solution that is compatible with iBeacon. However, it doesn't end there. We provide the software and support to get you up and running fast. Whether you are looking to set up one beacon in your house of thousands of beacons around the world, Bleu Station has the features and support you need.


Bleu Station beacons are powered over USB and ship with an AC adapter to power the Bleu Station indefinitely. AC-powered beacons allow the Bleu Station to operate at specifications defined by Apple for iBeacons and ensures that the Bleu Station will always work with iBeacon-compatible devices and apps. Battery-powered beacons are prone to reliability issues and require maintenance to replace batteries and drives up support costs.

Over-the-Air Updates

Bleu Station 200 is ready for over-the-air firmware updates, making it future-proof and easy to upgrade as new features become available. For developers, Twocanoes Labs' provides the Bleu Station SDK to implement over-the-air firmware updates in your own apps. All of this adds up confidence that your beacon deployments will last for years to come.

Status Indicator and Reset Switch

Bleu Station contains a dual-color LED to indicate mode of operation making setup, configuration and troubleshooting eaier than ever. A reset button on the back of the Bleu Station will restore all default settings immediately.


The Series 200 beacon comes standard with the most advanced beacon security. Each beacon can be configured with its own password, and the password is secured so that even if a device is lost or stolen, the password cannot be read out of the beacon. Whenever settings are saved to the beacon, the connection is fully encrypted. After the beacon is in operational mode, the admin service is shut down to prevent any connections to further secure the beacon. All of this adds up to piece of mind knowing that your beacons will remain fully in your control.

Backward Compatibility

The Bleu Station Series 200 is fully compatible with all beacon-enabled apps from Twocanoes Labs. If you mix and match 100 Series and 200 Series beacons, everything will continue to work. All Blue Station beacons comply with Apple’s iBeacon standard for full compatibility with third-party iBeacon apps.

Easy Deployment

All the software you need to setup, configure, and deploy Bleu Station beacons is provided by Twocanoes Labs. Integrate our software into your own apps or use our off-the-shelf beacon tools to configure Bleu Stations to your environment. The Series 200 beacon makes this process even easier. By integrating our Bleu Station SDK, quickly deploy beacons with automatic detection and configuration within your own app

No Hidden Fees

A huge benefit to using Bleu Station Beacons is that there is no monthly tax to deploy our beacons. We don’t require activation from a cloud service to make our beacons operational, and all the parts you need to configure and deploy beacons is provided with our SDK. The SDK doesn’t have a per-user or per-impression fee so you can keep your costs low when deploying hundreds or thousands of Bleu Station Beacons.

Assembled in the USA

The Bleu Station 200 Series was designed by Twocanoes Labs with full control over each step of the manufacturing process. We are proud that our beacons are assembled in the USA and allows tight control of quality and availability. We can even build made-to-order beacons in a timely way for customers who have specific needs.


Our beacons are fully FCC certified, fully compatible and licensed to Apple’s iBeacon specifications and comply with all Bluetooth LE requirements. Our power supplies are fully CE and UL certified.

iBeacon Apps

Bleu Station works great with any app that supports iBeacon. Check out some of the free apps from Twocanoes Labs:


All Bleu Station hardware comes with hardware warranty and firmware updates for 90 days. If you want to make sure that you are up to date with the most current software, firmware, and support, we recommend that you sign up for our two-year support contract to make sure you are covered. Twocanoes Software has a proven track record of great technical support and we offer that same level of support for Bleu Station. We provide phone, email, social media and knowledge base support options. Please contact us at for support pricing

iBeacon Support

Developers: Bleu Station is fully compatible with iBeacon and we provide the software and tools for setting it up with your solution. We have sample applications that show how easy it is to add in iBeacon support to your iOS app. We also have an SDK to easily integrate Bleu Station beacon configuration right into your own apps. Full documentation is available as well. We also provide developer-level support so that you can get beacons integrated into your apps and into your solution quickly. Contact us at for more information.

Get Started

Available Today

The Bleu Station Beacon Series 200 is available now and ready for deployment.

Bleu Station 100 Series

The 100 Series is still available and 100 percent compatible with all current Twocanoes beacon-enabled iOS apps. Series 100 offers similar specifications as the 200 series and is available on the Twocanoes Store and Amazon Store.

Bleu Proximity Starter Kit

Bleu Station Starter Kit Series 200Buy the starter kit and get the hardware, software, and support you need to incorporate Bleu Station in your solution today. After purchasing, register the kit and we’ll work with you to get up and running fast. The starter kit includes three Bleu Stations Series 200 beacons with AC power adapters, access to the our deployment apps and SDK, sample code, documentation and 90 days of phone support for integration. It’s the fastest way to incorporate iBeacons in your solution for wide-scale deployment.

Technical Specifications

  Bleu Station Series 100 Bleu Station Series 200
Type Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) version 4 (Bluetooth Smart) Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) version 4 (Bluetooth Smart)
Security Secure Simple Pairing and AES-128 Secure Simple Pairing and AES-128
RF 2.402GHz to 2480GHz 2.402GHz to 2480GHz
Typical line-of-sight range 30-150 meters 30-150 meters
Dimensions L 18.5mm x W 13mm x H 6.5mm L 53.01mm x W 21.31mm x H 13.83mm
Form Factor USB Type A USB Type A
Power 5V USB Power Adaptor (included) 5V USB Power Adaptor (included)
Admin Tools Bleu Setup (iOS), Bleu Meetings (iOS), Bleu JSS (iOS) Bleu Setup (iOS), Bleu Meetings (iOS), Bleu JSS (iOS)
Available Settings UUID, Major, Minor, Power Calibration, Password, Friendly Name UUID, Major, Minor, Power Calibration, Password, Friendly Name
Over-the-air firmware updates No Yes
Reset button No Yes
LED Visual Indicator No Yes
Certifications FCC part 15 modular qualification. Bluetooth, CE, FCC, IC, Japan and South-Korea qualified. FCC part 15 modular qualification. Bluetooth, CE, FCC, IC, Japan and South-Korea qualified.