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Bleu Stations are short-range bluetooth devices that are used for proximity detection and use iBeacon licensed techology from Apple. Bleu Stations open up new possibilities for retail, hotels, digital wallets, and much more.

Apple introduced iBeacon support in IOS 7 for iPhone and iPad. iBeacons are small low energy Bluetooth devices that let your iPhone know when it is nearby. Your iPhone can also set up to be automatically be notified when different types of iBeacons are detected.

You can buy iOS 7 apps that support proximity detection right now but you'll need great iBeacon hardware for this new breed of apps. Bleu gives you the hardware and the software to easily setup Bleu Stations in your home, office, or retail shop.

Designed for Deployment

We have been providing beacons for large deployments since Apple introduced iBeacon technology, and have deployed tens of thousands of beacons throught thousands of locations. Since Bleu Station beacons are powered over the USB port, they can be installed once and there are no batteries to be changed. The small size and USB connector make them idea for deploying in a USB power supply, in a Point-of-Sale register, or anywhere these is power or a USB port. The USB port is for power only, so not computer is needed. The software on the beacons can be upgraded in the field so that you can be confident that your solution will continue to work in the future. All of this translates to lower support cost and higher ROI for your solution.

No Monthly or Transaction-based fees

We provide all the software your need to install and tune Bleu Stations beacons to your environment. The cost of the software is included in purchase price of the Bleu Station beacons, and not additional fee is required. You can use our apps or integrate our software into your solution so that set up is as simple as a few taps. No cloud service is required to setup or configure the Bleu Station beacons and they don't require any cloud service or ongoing maintenance. Simply plug in the beacon, configure, and you are done. If you need to reconfigure the beacons, you have all the tools needed, and don't need to pay a monthly fee. Your customer-facing apps don't require special software to use the Bleu Station beacons. This can translate into huge cost savings for high traffic or large deployment scenarios.


Bleu Station was designed with security in mind. Each Bleu Station requires authentication prior to any configuration, and all sensitive data is sent encrypted between the iOS device and the Bleu Station. We've added in advanced features such as brute force password protection and the ability to change passwords on individual Bleu Stations. The password in the hardware has been protected as well, loss due to theft does not compromise your entire beacon deployment. Once the Bleu Station beacons are deployed, they do not allow any connections and are broadcast only. This reduces the chance of attacks and disruption of your beacon deployment.


All the software you need to setup, configure, and deploy Bleu Station beacons is included. Our software can be integrated into your own apps, or you can use our off-the-shelf apps to setup and tune to your environment. We are focused on making software that allows non-technical staff in the field to easily deploy beacons, further driving down support costs. Deploying a Bleu Station beacon can be as easy as a local staff plugging in a beacon and then selecting what part of the room the beacon was installed. No identifiers or complicated instructions to follow means that your deployment will be smooth and cost effective.

Bleu Setup for iOS

One-step configuration of Bleu Stations with Bleu Setup for iOS on the iTunes app store. Attach the Bleu Station to power and it will appear automatically Bleu Setup. Set a password, a few identifiers, and it's ready to go. For detailed instructions, see Setting Up Bleu Station with the Bleu Setup iOS App.

After setup, the Bleu Station will immediately start broadcasting over Bluetooth and is ready to use in your app. For fine-grained proximity control, the Bleu Setup app provides additional advanced settings for tuning Bleu Stations for any environment.

App Integration

Our SDK includes the ability to integrate setup of the Bleu Station hardware right in your app. If you already have a Point of Sale, kiosk, or other type of onsite app deployed, you can integrate configuration and setup of the hardware right into your app. The Bleu Station would just need to be within range and it would automatically be configured based on app provided settings in a secure way. This drives down support costs and makes it simple to setup Bleu Station to work great with your native app without long instructions or complicated setup.


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All Bleu Station hardware come with a hardware warrantee and firmware updates for 90 days. If you want to make sure that you are up to date with the most current software, firmware, and support, we recommend that you sign up for our yearly support contract to make sure you are covered. Twocanoes Software has a proven track record of great technical support and we offer that same level of support for Bleu Station. We provide phone, email, social media and forum support.

Tech Specs

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
Form Factor
USB Type A
5V USB Power Adaptor (included)
Admin Tools
Bleu Setup (iOS)
Available Settings
UUID, Major, Minor, Power Calibration, Password, Friendly name.
iBeacon Support
Supports all iOS iBeacon enabled apps


Bleu Station is fully compatible with iBeacon and we provide the software and tools for setting it up with your solution. We have sample applications that show how easy it is to add in iBeacon support to your iOS app. We also have an SDK to easily integrate Bleu Station beacon configuration right into your own apps. Full documentation is available as well. We also provide developer level support so that you can get beacons integrated into your apps and into your solution quickly.

Bleu Proximity Starter Kit

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Buy the starter kit and get the hardware, software, and support you need to incorporate Bleu Station in your solution today. After purchasing, register the kit and we’ll work with you to get up and running fast. The starter kit includes 3 Bleu Stations, access to the our deployment apps and SDK (currently in Beta), sample code, documentation, and 90 days of phone support for integration. It’s the fastest way to incorporate iBeacons in your solution and prepare for wide-scale deployment.

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