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Winclone Pro

Enterprise Windows Deployment for Business and Education

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Enterprise Boot Camp Deployment

With dual boot Macs, you get amazing hardware and the ability to select macOS or Windows 10. With Winclone 7 Enterprise, you can image Windows to Macs using standard Microsoft enterprise tools. Winclone 7 makes it easy to deploy Boot Camp in education and business environments.

Winclone Enterprise enables you to use your IT organizations’ current infrastructure to deploy Windows on Mac hardware. Deploy Windows by installing a Winclone package that either images Windows directly to a Boot Camp partition or boots the Mac into a WinPE environment. Run Task Sequences to fully image Windows onto the Mac. If your users are remote, Winclone Enterprise supports image customization that will fully configure and set up Windows on the Mac.


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  • Winclone Pro
  • $499.99
  • Software + Perpetual License
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  • Winclone Pro Software with licensing for 50 Macs (additional licenses available)

    Package-based deployments

    Boot Camp partition creation

    WIM Import

    Client Management support

    1 year software support and upgrades

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  • Winclone Pro Enterprise
  • $5 per Mac per year
  • Enterprise Support + Subscription Pricing
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  • All the features of Winclone Pro plus:

    Enterprise Integration Support

    Post Install Customization

    Windows Pre-boot environment

    MDT and SCCM Task Sequence Deployment

    200 Macs or more

    Yearly renewal

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Package-Based Deployments

Winclone 7 Pro can create a package installer creates the Boot Camp partition and restores a Winclone image to the new partition. Winclone packages can be deployed using any client management system that can deploy macOS packages. If you can install a package, you can deploy a Boot Camp partition.

Winclone Packages can deploy fully setup and configured Windows images, base images that configure on first run, or a WinPE environment to image and configure using standard Microsoft tools.

Gold Master Workflow

The Gold Master workflow starts with a Windows 10 install via Boot Camp assistant. Once Windows is installed, the OS is configured, programs are installed, and then SysPrep is run to prepare for deployment. A Winclone 7 image is taken of the Boot Camp partition, and a Winclone 7 package is created from the image. Additional resources such as naming, driver installation and first run scripts are included in the package. This package is then deployed through any macOS client management system. During the package installation, a Boot Camp partition can be created. The image is then restored and resources copied. On first boot of Windows, the resources, drivers, and programs are setup and configured.

Workflow Gold Master

WIM Import Workflow

The WIM­ import workflow is similar to the Gold Master workflow, but the initial image is imported to a Winclone image from a WIM file on Windows 10 install media. The rest of the workflow is the same as the Gold Master workflow.

MDT Workflow

The MDT workflow uses Microsoft infrastructure to deploy Boot Camp. A Windows Pre­boot environment ISO and WIM are created using Microsoft Deployment Workbench. A Winclone 7 image is created from the ISO and WIM files using the Import WIM files feature in Winclone 7. A Winclone 7 package is created from this image, and the package is deployed to target Macs. When the package is installed, a Boot Camp partition is created and the image is restored. On reboot, the Macs boot a WinPE environment into memory and an image from the Deployment Share is applied to the Boot Camp partition.


MDT Video

See how easy it is to use Winclone 7 Pro Enterprise to image Boot Camp using standard Microsoft tools. Using the Microsoft Deployment Workbench in the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, see how the Mac is imaged by deploying a WinPE image with a Winclone package.


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