No beta at this time. Current version is 6.2.1. Please check back.

Change Log:

Winclone 6_Build-20029_Version-6.2.1

  1. Fixed issue with Winclone Backup constantly reporting issue with backup location is not found.
  2. Added verify operation with WIM-based clone creation.
  3. Updated opensource tools to resolve issue when creating WIM images from Windows that have large, uncompressible data.

Winclone 6_Build-18054_Version-6.2

  1. rearranged prefs window a bit
  2. applied sound pref to all success sounds and added in completed dialog
  3. added in sleep for cli after unmounting

Winclone 6_Build-17572_Version-6.1.9

Fixed issue with Winclone Menu / Winclone Backup not recognizing pure Windows 10 install.

Winclone 6_Build-17565_Version-6.1.8

Fixed issue with Winclone Pro force efi / legacy option.

Winclone 6_Build-17510_Version-6.1.7

  1. Boot Camp not detected if Windows folder was in uppercase
  2. Added additional models for EFI boot detection
  3. Fixed issue with partition type if partition was not in the first 4

Winclone 6_Build-17393_Version-6.1.6

Resolves issue of not being able to clone partition if partition number is outside the 4th partition.

Winclone 6_Build-16754_Version-6.1

Fixes issue with legacy booting when boot folder does not exist

Winclone 6_Build-16369_Version-6.1

  1. Fixed issue with setting EFI hang
  2. More SIP fixes.  You can now remove, create a partition in High Sierra and then restore an image, and have SIP on.
  3. Better logging
  4. fixed metadata file issue with WIM restores
  5. Issue: currently compatible with 10.12 and 10.13 only.  Working on 10.11 compatibility.

Winclone 6_Build-15441_Version-6.1

  1. Compatibility with High Sierra Beta (beta 5)
  2. New helper tool
  3. Better compatibility with SIP