Smart Card Utility

Manage Your Smart Cards on macOS and iOS

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Manage Your Smart Cards on macOS and iOS

Smart Card Utility is a powerful app for managing and using Smart Cards on macOS and iOS app. With a modern, intuitive interface, Smart Card Utility shows the certificates on PIV Smart Card slots. See all the attributes of the certificates and easily export them for reference on other systems.



macOS and iOS

  • View and Export X.509 Certificates
  • Change Smart Card PIN
  • Easy to Use Interface
  • Feitian Smart Card Reader Support


  • Sign macOS Packages
  • Sign macOS Apps
  • Set Identity Preference
  • Enable Smart Card Logging
  • View Certificates in Keychain
  • All YubiKey USB in PIV mode



  • Enable Smart Card Authentication for Safari
  • Enable Smart Card Authentication for VPN
  • Enable Smart Card Authentication for 802.1X
  • Enable Smart Card Signing and Authentication for Mail
  • Enable Smart Card Authentication for your own apps
  • YubiKey NFC Smart Card Reader Support

Verify Status

Unsure if the Smart Card is locked or how many PIN attempts remain? Smart Card Utility makes it easy. The number of PIN attempts for the Smart Card is shown next to the name of the Smart Card. If the Smart Card is locked, it will be shown in red and you’ll know that authentication with the Smart Card is not possible until it is unlocked.

View Certificates

Simply insert the Smart Card into a compatible reader (or via NFC on iOS) and view the X.509 certificates in the main slots on the PIV Smart Card. View all the certificate attributes and export them for use on external systems.

Enable Smart Card Authentication (iOS)

Smart Card Authentication is built into macOS, but not into iOS. Use Smart Card Utility on iOS to add the certificates to the system to use for authentication. Whether it is Safari, VPN, Wireless, or any other built-in service that uses certificate-based authentication, Smart Card Utility will allow the service to authenticate against the identities on the inserted Smart Card.

Change PIN

Easily change the PIN on the Smart Card using Smart Card Utility. Smart Card Utility also shows the number of PIN attempts remaining and if the Smart Card has been locked.

Enterprise Deployment Options

Deploying Smart Card Utility with MDM or other enterprise management tools is easy. Smart Card Utility for Mac can be deployed with a standard macOS installer package and the software key via a profile. Smart Card Utility for iOS can be deployed using custom app distribution on the App Store right from your MDM. Get a quote today and see how is is to deploy Smart Card Utility.

Reader Support

Smart Card Utility for macOS supports any compatible PIV Smart Card Reader.

Smart Card Utility for iOS supports Smart Card readers from Feitian (including Bluetooth and Lighting readers), YubiKey (both NFC and Lightning), and any contactless Smart Card (NFC).

System Requirements

  1. Admin Mac running macOS 10.14 (Mojave), 10.15 (Catalina), or 11.0 (Big Sur)
  2. iOS 13 or later
  3. PIV Smart Card


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Verify PIV Card

Created OnJune 21, 2021Last Updated OnJune 21, 2021byTimoIf you get a “PIV applet not found. Please verify that this is a PIV card” when using Smart Card Utility, you can test connectivity, insertion and communcation with a Feitian reader by doing the follow: Download iReader from the iOS app store Open the app and power…