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The Fastest and Easiest Way to Deploy Macs

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Deploy Macs in Minutes

Quickly setup and provision Macs with Mac Deploy Stick. Within minutes of a Mac pulled out of the box, it will be setup, configured, and ready to deploy. Mac Deploy Stick works with all Macs, including new Macs with Secure Boot and System Integrity Protection. Mac Deploy Stick sets up all the resources for booting from the recovery partition or an external drive, wiping and installing macOS, and installing require packages. It is the easiest, fastest way to deploy Macs.

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  • Create Workflows
  • Install Packages
  • Install macOS
  • Label Workflows
  • Automate Restores
  • Create Bootable macOS Volumes
  • Configure Automaton
  • Save to Disk Image
  • Save to External Volume
  • Add Packages to Workflows
  • Add Workflow Descriptions


  • Standard
  • $29.99
  • Create Workflows

    Install Packages

    Install macOS

    Label Workflows

    Automate Restores

    Create Bootable macOS Volumes

    Paid Upgrades (Minor version are free)

    Deploy up to 5 Macs

  • Buy
  • Enterprise
  • $2999
  • Yearly Subscription
  • Mac Deploy Stick

    Deployment Assistance and Support

    Arduino Customization

    Software Support

    Package Customization

    Arduino Flashing

    Deployment Documentation

    Deploy up to 600 Macs


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Restore from the Recovery Partition

Mac Deploy Stick works by booting from the recovery partition (holding command-R at boot) and restoring from an external drive or web server and then installing optional packages. In the past, administrators used NetBoot or booting from an external volume, but currently shipping Macs do not support NetBooting or booting from an external drive without changing security settings.


Perfect Complement for MDM & DEP

Mac Deploy Stick does not replace a client management system, but works seamlessly with it. Whether you are using Munki, FileWave, or an MDM-based client management system, use Mac Deploy Stick to install the package that installs the client or enrolls the system.

If you are using Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP), Mac Deploy Stick can be used to quickly restore non-responsive systems with an automated workflow for re-installing macOS.

Create External Resources on External Drive

Mac Deploy Stick can save the macOS installer, workflows, and configuration on an external volume for quick and easy access. Boot up from the recovery partition or the external drive, and you have all the resources you need for re-installing macOS and installer packages.

Deploy from Any Web Server

Mac Deploy Stick goes beyond external volumes. Export resources to a disk image and then copy the disk image to any web server. You can then restore the Mac directly from a web server in the recovery partition without any external resources. Boot into recovery, mount the image from the web server, run the workflow selector (Imagr) and go.

Automate with an Automaton

If you are deploying a lot of Macs, speed is important. Let the Automaton do the keystrokes for you. Using an inexpensive Arduino Micro, Mac Deploy Stick turns it into a powerful Automaton that fully automates the process. All you do is start up the Mac with the option key held down, insert the Automaton into any USB port and you are done. The Automaton does the rest.

Use a macOS Externally Bootable Disk

Mac Deploy Stick walks you through creating a bootable external disk so you can run workflows from an external drive or do maintenance on macOS without booting into the internal drive.

System Requirements

  • Current Version: Mac Deploy Stick 1.0
  • macOS 10.14 or later including Mojave
  • An Internet connection is required to verify your license key

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