MDS Version History

Change Log

Version 5.1 Build 50031

Released 2023-10-04

  • Fixed issue with Rosetta
  • Updated and improved DFU section
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 5.0 Build 50028

Released 2023-05-18
macOS 14 Sonoma support verified 2023-09-25

  • Single button DFU mode: On Apple Silicon Macs, putting a Mac into DFU mode requires a complicated series of keypresses. With MDS, it is a single button. Plug in the Mac to the DFU port and press a button and the Apple Silicon Mac goes into DFU mode. Easy as that.
  • Automatic Restore: MDS 5 can detect a Mac plugged into the DFU port and automatically put it into DFU mode, wipe and restore macOS. An MDS workflow can then be run for final setup.
  • Fully Automated Mass Restoring: MDS can restore multiple Macs at once. Using the Acroname for MDS USB-C hub, up to 5 Macs can be restored simultaneously, increasing the efficiency of deployments.
  • Mass Restoring: Using the Single Button DFU and Apple Configurator 2 integration, Macs can be plugged into the DFU port on the Mac running MDS to put into DFU mode and then unplugged and plugged into any USB hub. Repeat and then mass restore all the macs plugged into the hub using MDS.
  • Licensing: MDS licensing is setup using a mobile configuration file for easy setup. The compiled, notarized, and signed version of the app now requires a license.
  • Intel Macs can be restored in recovery for Ventura without launching the installer user interface.

Version 4.3 Build 48086

Released 2022-06-22

  • Converted Download macOS to use Mist
  • On Apple Silicon Macs, user is now prompted to use “Erase Mac” rather than Disk Utility
  • Automaton firmware enhancements (timing issues)
  • UI tweaks
  • Status indicator for remote log
  • Progress indicator for downloading macOS
  • Fixed PHP for Monterey
  • Fixed issue when not installing macOS and running first-boot commands
  • Fixed issue where loginlog did not run over login window when not installing macOS and running first-boot commands
  • Added new icon
  • Added new dmg background

Version 4.1 Build 41137

Released 2021-11-16

  • macOS Monterey compatibility
  • Bug fixes

Version 4.0 Build 40106

Released 2021-06-10

  • Apple Silicon Support: Run workflows on Apple Silicon Macs
  • Arduino on Apple Silicon: Reduce the time in front of an M1 Mac to less than 7 seconds!
  • Override Workflow Options: Use a script to select which workflow to run based on hardware properties
  • Works with Log App: Shows when packages are being installed on Apple Silicon Macs
  • Works with Auto Advance: Zero-touch setup of Macs enrolled in Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager
  • MDS Deploy: A replacement for Imagr to run workflows on Apple Silicon Macs
  • Unmount workflow resources drive on MDS Deploy exit
  • Package Signing Certificates: Any identity can now be used for signing packages

Version 3.6 Build 36240

Released 2020-12-21

Limited Big Sur support (see remaining issues)

Version 3.5 Build 35201

Released 2020-09-29

  • Migrate settings: Export all MDS settings to move to another machine
  • More MDM abilities: Lock device, set firmware password, change the device name, schedule OS update, list user accounts, remove a user account, change user password — Right-click an MDM device to send commands
  • Reboot after first boot: Choose whether to have a workflow reboot after running first boot items
  • Any scripts that have com.twocanoes.mds-pre as a prefix in the name are run first
  • Fix showing Munki version
  • Change Download macOS to not require special access to user folders

Version 3.0 Build 30108

Released 2020-05-26
Release notes

  • Updated user interface
  • All services run in the background
  • All-new web services
  • Inventory powered by MunkiReport
  • Service version monitoring

Version 2.2 Build 22014

Released 2020-04-15
Release notes

  • URL for macOS installer or ASR disk image
  • Display computer names for enrolled MDM computers
  • New MDM commands
  • Delete device from MDM server
  • Other enhancements:
    • Reordering of resources
    • Prevent sleep
    • Automatic download of online resources
    • MDS workflow name variable
    • Improved Imagr UI
    • Automaton improvements
    • New sample packages
    • Persisted location for select folder dialog
    • Customize Run command
  • Misc. fixes

Version 2.1 Build 21853

Released 2020-03-03
Release notes

  • Fixed issue with repackaging and copying
  • Pop-up menu options for Variables

Version 2.0.1 Build 20252

Released 2020-01-16
Release notes

  • Fixed issue with .app error
  • Fixed Preferences UI issues and log button issue in main UI
  • Fixed toolbar
  • New Imagr build to fix issue when new APFS volume is created and cache needs to be cleared
  • Initial MDM Profile UI has wrong text
  • Save to volume creates duplicate package archive folder in source each time a workflow is saved
  • Show status for First Login installs
  • Cursor jumps when typing in the workflow name text box

Version 2.0 Build 20119

Released 2019-12-02
Release notes

  • MDM with Deployment Enrollment
  • Download macOS installers right in MDS
  • ASR restores
  • Support for macOS Catalina (10.15)
  • User account photos
  • Efficient workflows
  • Pre-install scripts with ASR
  • Updated graphics for both light and dark mode
  • Self-signed certificate is now shared between services and has a better tool for creation
  • Multiple options for having MDS Automaton restart Mac to different Internet Recovery modes
  • Added support for skipping ScreenTime Setup Assistant in Catalina

Version 1.9 Build 19115

Released 2019-08-26
Release notes

  • First user log in option for package installation
  • Updated preference window
  • Improved Chromebook support for wireless (802.1x support)
  • Option to restart or shutdown after running workflow. Previously this was only available if not installing macOS
  • Added language sample script and updated other sample scripts
  • Better Arduino timing when flashing software

Version 1.8.1 Build 18103

Released 2019-07-30
Release notes

  • Fixed issue with packages installed with the workflow
  • Fixed issues where home directory didn’t exist for additional scripts
  • Fixed regression where blank password did not work
  • Added additional sample script to show how resources can be copied to user desktop

Version 1.8 Build 18059

Released 2019-06-13
Release notes

  • Workflow syncing to remote master
  • Improved automaton creation and configuration
  • Improved workflow management: duplicate, delete multiple, export selected, export with or without passwords
  • Automatically erase FileVault volumes with automaton
  • Automaton for Chromebooks
  • Have a workflow create multiple user accounts
  • Set user account to automatically log in
  • Computer name variables

Version 1.7 Build 12406

Released 2019-05-28
Release notes

  • Hosting Munki Repository
  • Munki Client Configuration
  • Signing Packages
  • Computer naming is now done before packages are installed
  • Improved support for unicode characters

Version 1.6 Build 11641

Released 2019-04-26
Release notes

  • Webserver for Hosting Images
  • First Boot Scripts
  • Target Volume
  • Rename Volume
  • Variables
  • Moved network options to its own section
  • A blank password can now be specified for a user
  • Turned off “wait for networking” in Imagr — that option is handled in the package scripts.
  • Fixed issue where the password hint didn’t work unless you used an SSH key
  • Fixed issue with profiles did not install
  • Fixed quote in run script
  • Tweaked Automaton configuration to make it more reliable
  • Added a warning if no user account is created and setup assistant was skipped
  • Moved log to toolbar button


  • Script and profile ordering
  • Package install pre-macOS and post-macOS
  • Password hint support


  • Updated Workflow UI
  • Ability to create user including long name, short name, password, UID, and SSH key
  • Prompt for computer name or set as serial number
  • Skip Setup Assistant with option to configure to allow Location Services automatically
  • Skip User Privacy and Location Setup for new users
  • Enable Screen Sharing
  • Join Wi-Fi after macOS install
  • Join Wi-Fi when launching Imagr in recovery
  • Try both en0 and en1 when configuring Wi-Fi in both recovery and post install if those options are set.
  • Can specify a .app instead of a .dmg for installing macOS (though both work).
  • Imagr no longer creates an unneeded folder that results in a /Previous Content folder getting created.
  • Default name of the disk image is now first active workflow name.
  • Remote logging to MDS app and Imagr Server
  • LED flashing for Automaton monitoring
  • Enable SSH option
  • Support for installing profiles


  • Change Disk Image Volume Name
  • Prompt and Set Computer Name
  • MDS Automaton Bootloader Command
  • Specify Package Folder
  • Customized Imagr serverurl
  • FileVault Support


  • Import/Export: Workflows can now be imported and exported
  • Package Only Installs: If Install macOS is deselected, no OS upgrade or install will be performed, and Imagr will just install the specified packages
  • Firmware Update Prompting: If firmware updates for the automaton are available, the user will be prompted when trying to configure the automaton
  • Automaton DEP configuration mode
  • Automaton Boot to Recovery mode


  • New name: Mac Deploy Stick is now called MDS
  • Per workflow macOS: Specify the OS in each workflow
  • Packages & Apps: Apps placed in the Packages folder will be installed in the target Mac
  • Scripts: Scripts can be added to a workflow to be run after packages are installed
  • Upgrade macOS: If “Erase and Install” option is deselected, the target Mac’s existing OS will be upgraded with the specified macOS installer instead of being erased and replaced
  • More Package Types: MDS now supports bundle package types (both pkg and mpkg)
  • Faster: When a workflow is run, the packages are installed faster
  • Automatically Run Workflow: An option to have a specified workflow run automatically after the specified countdown


  • Improved process for flashing Arduino
  • Fixed bug related to downloading resources


  • Create Workflows
  • Install Packages
  • Install macOS
  • Label Workflows
  • Automate Restores
  • Create Bootable macOS Volumes