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Insert Smart Card Locally, Use Remotely

Secure Remote Access is a macOS application for accessing remote Macs securely using PIV compatible smart cards. Plug in a PIV compatible smart card to your Mac, then connect to a remote Mac using screen sharing. All authentication on the remote Mac is done over the network back to the local smart card.

Secure Remote Access Features

  • Uses macOS FIPS 140-2/-3 Conformance Validation
  • FIPS 201-2 PIV compatible
  • Passwordless screen sharing using built-in macOS VNC protected by smart card authentication
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Easy deployment using macOS package and command line configuration for administrators
  • All network connections secured by TLS using self-signed or administrator installed certificates
  • Compatible with all standard PIV cards
  • Fast remote authentication using smart card inserted in local Mac
  • Administrator prompting for access to smart card for authenticating, signing, and decryption operations
  • macOS Login Window remote smart card authentication
  • System Preferences unlock with remote smart card authentication
  • User pairing to smart card slots using standard macOS configuration
  • Easy insert and removal of virtual smart card on remote system
  • Automatic smart card removal with network disconnect
  • Connect with IP address or DNS name to remote system
  • Efficient and effective logging
  • Removal of virtual smart card when local smart card removed
  • Modern macOS smart card support using macOS CrytoTokenKit
  • macOS Keychain smart card unlocking when logging in
  • Encrypted Screen Sharing using built-in macOS Screen Sharing
  • Smart card authentication, signing, and encrypting of any macOS feature that uses smart cards

Remote Smart Card Authentication for macOS

Secure Remote Access provides the software to make smart card authentication to remote Macs possible. From Screen Sharing to Login Window to System Preferences, all authentication is done on the locally inserted smart card. The remote Mac uses the virtual smart card just the same as a smart card inserted locally.

Passwordless Screen Sharing

Use your smart card to authenticate and start Screen Sharing, all without using a password. Secure Remote Access provides an easy, secure, and passwordless way to access a remote Mac.

Simple to Use, Manage, and Configure

Deploying Secure Remote Access is easy. Install the macOS package on any Mac and it can immediately be used to connect to a remote Mac running Secure Remote Access. On the remote Mac, configuration is as simple as running a single configuration command to prepare it for connection.


Using macOS FIPS 140-2/-3 crypto and FIPS 201-2 PIV compatible smart cards, Secure Remote Access is a secure way to provide remote access to Macs in your environment. All authentication uses the PIV compatible smart card plugged into the local Mac and works great in passwordless environments.

System Requirements

  1. Admin Mac: macOS 13 Ventura or 14 Sonoma
  2. Remote Mac: macOS 13 Ventura or 14 Sonoma
  3. PIV Smart Card

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