Smart Card Management for macOS and iOS

Modern Smart Card authentication for iPhone and iPad

Why should you sacrifice convenience when utilizing the security of a smart card? With Twocanoes Software solutions, smart cards can be both secure and convenient! Our management solutions take smart cards to the next level, and not just on Mac devices: your iPhone and iPad also benefit from the increased use and functionality we’ve enabled.

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Augment your Mac’s Capability

macOS offers native support for smart cards, but they can still be difficult to use. Without sacrificing any of their security, we’ve enabled expanded capabilities through our software of what your Mac can do with a smart card. You can verify status, view certificates, and change PINs all in one place. Our Smart Card Management Solutions are also compatible with our Certificate Services, so the certificates stored on your smart card can be handled just as easily. And with Remote Access Solutions, you can even access your smart card remotely.

Use Smart Cards Portably

With the convenience and portability of your iPhone or iPad, we believe that smart cards can be equally convenient and portable. Our software helps your iOS/iPadOS Device know how to read what’s on a smart card; our hardware converts your existing device connections to something you can insert a smart card into. Combined, they give your mobile device the tools to use smart cards anywhere you are. Take the strength and security of a smart card beyond a desktop.

Smart Card Management for macOS and iOS Products

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Smart Card Utility iPhone and iPad

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Certificate Request

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Smart Card Reader

Smart Card Reader Lighting, USB-C and Bluetooth

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