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Local Signing of iOS Apps, macOS Apps, and Packages with Remotely Secured Identities

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Secure Your Signing Identities

Signing Manager for macOS provides an ideal system for securing the code and package signing identities. Implement secure access to the identities with API keys, access controls, and auditing. Gain full control over iOS, macOS, watchOS, and iPadOS signing operations without disrupting the current workflow. Works great for developers, CI/CD servers, or for any size team that releases software on Apple hardware.

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  • Sign apps and packages without direct access to private keys
  • Local signing with native Apple tools
  • Limit signing operations based on API key
  • Signing Service on Linux, macOS, or Windows
  • Full auditing of all signing operations
  • Easy updating of expired certificates
  • Command line interface for CI/CD servers
  • Open source

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  • Customized integration with internal systems including web APIs and HSM
    (Hardware Signing Modules)

    Customized authentication to extend the basic API key for your organization

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All the private keys associated with the code signing or package signing certificates are not exposed to the process doing the signing. Only approved requests are allowed to perform signing operations, and an audit log is kept of all signing operations.

Easy To Use

The Signing Manager app just requires an API key and a URL. Once those values are configured, certificates are available for signing operations. The certificates are automatically added to the keychain and are shown in the Signing Manager. Apple signing tools request the certificate based on a fingerprint or name of the certificate, and Signing Manager handles the rest.

Server or Developer

All operations for configuring Signing Manager, discovering certificates, and signing binaries can be done on the command line, so it makes for an ideal solution for Developers using Xcode, Release Managers, or CI/CD Servers.

Easy to Update Certificates

Since certificates and private keys are not installed on developer or build servers, updating an expired certificate is easy. When the certificate expires, the certificates and keys are updated on the Signing Service, and all operations continue.

Open Source

Both the Signing Manager macOS app and the Signing Service are released as open source software¬†under the GPL-3 license. Other licenses are available to include the software in your projects. Code can be audited and customized to fit your organization’s needs. You can also work with Twocanoes Software to update the project for benefit of all who use it.

System Requirements

  • Current Version: 1.1 (Build 334)


  • macOS 10.15 Catalina or later


  • macOS, Linux, or Windows system capable of running Node.js 12 or later.
  • Certificate and private keys for signing macOS, iOS, watchOS, and iPadOS code and packages.

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