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Smart Card Utility
for iPhone and iPad

Enable Smart Card Authenticating in Safari and More!

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CAC Smart Card Access to O365, Webmail, Teams, and Much More

Smart Card Utility enables smart card authentication to Office 365, Webmail, Teams, and most other CAC protected websites via Safari. Just plug in your existing PIV-enabled smart card and log in. Smart Card Utility is used by members of Air Force, Navy, Marines, Army, Coast Guard, and other military/government employees to access CAC protected websites on their iPhone or iPad.

Login and Get to Work Fast!

Forget about waiting for 20 minute for your laptop to boot up, log in and launch apps. Using your iPhone and iPad and Smart Card Utility, it takes seconds to turn on and access websites, Teams, Office 365 and more using your CAC smart card. Login fast with your CAC card and Smart Card Utility Readers for iOS and iPhone.

Smart Card Authentication Wherever You Are

Forget about waiting to get back to your laptop to check your email, verify your paycheck, take a course, or respond to a message on Teams. Smart Card Utility makes it simple to use the device you have with you to keep you connected. Simply insert your CAC into the reader and you are ready to access the resources where ever you are.

Check Your Email and So Much More

Leave your laptop behind and stop waiting in line to check your email on a shared PC. Use your smart card right on your iPhone or iPad to access your web mail using your CAC or PIV card. Smart Card Utility has been tested and is compatible with the most common military and civilian web sites, including:


Organizations Using Smart Card Utility




Amazing Support

We provide everything you need to use your smart card / CAC with your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. We have phone, email, and chat support so you know that our reader will work for you. We are based in Illinois and have former Apple, military and civilian employees waiting to help you. We are experts in iOS and Mac authentication so you’ll get the help you need when you need it.

Select Your Reader

All readers include Smart Card Utility software
Bluetooth Reader icon
Bluetooth Reader

Smart Card Utility Bluetooth Reader for iPhone and iPad is a powerful smart card reader and app, allowing for managing and enabling smart card use on iPhone and iPad. With Smart Card Utility, you can use smart cards with built-in apps like Safari, Mail, and more. Smart Card Utility has out-of-the-box support for most US Government smart cards.

Lightning Reader icon
Lightning Reader

Smart Card Utility Lightning Reader is a great way to use Smart Card Utility on all your iOS and iPadOS devices with a Lightning port. If you are looking for a great solution for your organization, and want to use a physical connector without the need for Bluetooth, Smart Card Utility Lightning Reader is the ideal choice.

USB-C Reader icon
USB-C Reader

Smart Card Utility USB-C is a great way to use Smart Card Utility on USB-C iPad Pro devices. If you are looking for a great solution for your organization, and want the ability to use a USB-C connected smart card reader on your iPad and iPad Pro, Smart Card Utility USB-C is an ideal choice.

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • “Thanks for having an outstanding product. It allows me to telework most of the time. I can take care of timely work tasks even when I’m out on my kayak fishing.”

  • “Working like a champ right out of the box on my iPad Pro. Thank you!”

  • “Bluetooth was certainly a game changer for me”

  • “Having mobile access to my work email with the Bluetooth reader is a game changer”

  • “Your card reader and smart card utility have been an absolute lifesaver for me”

  • “This reader and your app is a perfect combination. Lots of Marines are looking into getting one.”

  • “thank you for developing an amazing device and outstanding software!”

  • “All your tools have made it super simple to work.”

  • “I have had zero issues with the reader or the software and am grateful not to have to plug an external reader into any of my devices”

  • “I LOVE Twocanoes! Your products do exactly what they are advertised to do and the do it exceptionally well!”

See It in Action


  • Change PIN
  • Verify PIN
  • Smart Card Authentication in Safari
  • Smart Card Authentication for Wi-Fi
  • Smart Card Authentication for VPN
  • Smart Card Authentication for your own apps
  • View and Export X.509 Certificates
  • Easy-To-Use Interface
  • Logging

Desktop Reader
iOS / iPadOS 16 to 17

Bluetooth, USB-C and Lightning Readers
iOS / iPadOS 14 to 17

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Learn more about Smart Card Utility and get your questions answered in our FAQ.

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