Smart Card Utility is also available for macOS. Head over to the Smart Card Utility for macOS.
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Smart Card Utility
for iPhone and iPad

Enable Smart Card Authenticating in Safari and More!

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Authenticate with Smart Cards in Safari

Smart Card Utility enables smart card authentication to supported websites via Safari. No changes in the backend, websites, or cards: just plug in your existing PIV-enabled smart card and log in.

Modern Authentication with your Smart Card

Log in to your Identity Provider (IDP) using your smart card and unlock single sign on to apps and other websites. After the initial login, seamlessly use native and web apps without further authentication.

Smart Card Authentication Wherever You Are

The Smart Card Utility Bluetooth Reader for iPhone and iPad wirelessly enables your iPhone or iPad for smart card authentication. All iPhones and iPads since 2015 support the Smart Card Utility Bluetooth Reader for iPhone and iPad, a fast and convenient way to authenticate with your smart card.

USB-C Reader for iPad Pro

Use a smart card on your iPad Pro as easily as on your laptop or desktop. Our USB-C Smart Card Reader makes your iPad Pro a simple replacement for the computer where you’d normally insert smart cards.

Wi-Fi, VPN, and Third Party App Support

Use your smart card to authenticate to your wireless network or VPN easily. Smart Card Utility works by making the certificates on the smart card available to all system services, including Wi-Fi, VPN, and any enabled third party app.

Check Your Email and So Much More

Leave your laptop behind and stop waiting in line to check your email on a shared PC. Use your smart card right on your iPhone or iPad to access your web mail using your CAC or PIV card. Smart Card Utility has been tested and is compatible with the most common military and civilian web sites, including:

  • (myPay)
  • Office 365 (Web)
  • Okta PIV
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • and many more!

Custom Integration

We provide a full range of custom solutions for Smart Cards. Add in iOS and/or iPadOS support for your smart card reader, smart card, USB device, or custom derived credential solution. If you are interested, get in contact.

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  • Enable Smart Card Authentication in Safari
  • Enable Smart Card Authentication for Wi-Fi
  • Enable Smart Card Authentication for VPN
  • Enable Smart Card Authentication for your own apps
  • View and Export X.509 Certificates
  • Easy-To-Use Interface
  • Logging
  • YubiKey Support

Enable Smart Card Authentication

Smart Card Authentication is built into macOS, but not into iOS or iPadOS: use Smart Card Utility for authentication by adding certificates to the system easily. Whether it is Safari, VPN, Wireless, or any other built-in service that uses certificate-based authentication, Smart Card Utility will allow the service to authenticate against the identities on the inserted smart card.

System Requirements

  1. iOS 14 or later / iPadOS 14 or later
  2. Compatible iOS or iPadOS device
  3. Smart Card Utility Bluetooth, Lightning, or USB-C / compatible third-party smart card reader


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Created OnNovember 5, 2021Last Updated OnNovember 11, 2021byTimoWhen scanning certificates from your CAC or PIV smart card, if the name of the certificate shows in red when viewing the certificate in Smart Card Utility for iPhone and iPad, the card certificate is not trusted. This may cause some authentications to fail. To resolve this issue,…


Smart Card Utility for iPhone and iPad Beta

Created OnNovember 5, 2021Last Updated OnNovember 5, 2021byTimoWe use the TestFlight service to send out beta versions of Smart Card Utility. To sign up for the beta, click on the Sign Up button below. To keep up to date with the latest news and information on Smart Card Utility, sign up for regular updates via…