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Smart Card Utility Bluetooth Readers uses LEDs to determine what is happening with your reader. See the information below for the different status indicated with the different lights.

Blue LED

  • Blue Flashing Light: Reader is on but not connected.
  • Blue Solid Light: Reader is on and connected to Smart Card Utility App.

Green LED

Green LED should always be showing when the Blue LED is also on.

  • Green Solid Light: CAC is inserted but is not currently being read from.
  • Green Flashing Light: CAC is inserted and being read by the Reader.

Right Orange LED

  • This LED is located on the far right of the bottom of the device.
  • It is the LED furthest from the center.
  • The LED is a lighter Orange then the final LED.

Far Right Orange LED will never be shown alone*

  • When device is off and plugged in to a charger, the Blue and Orange LEDs will come on.

When the device is currently on and being used:

  • Orange Flashing Light: Readers battery is low and needs to be charged.
  • Orange Solid Light: Reader is charging while in use.

Left Orange LED

  • This LED is the closest to the center of the bottom of the device.
  • The color of this LED is a darker orange than the LED on the furthest right.

If this LED is showing, the device is non-functional due to the following conditions:

  • Either the Reader’s battery is completely dead and needs to be charged for a while before using.
  • Or the Reader is having hardware issues.