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Remote Code signing and Secure Enclave backed certificates

Dual Booting helps you focus on instructional objectives, rather than on Mac or Windows. It gives students the option to select the operating system appropriate for their class while giving Instructional Designers the flexibility to select the required applications in any classroom and any machine.

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Simplified Certificate Usage

Tired of having employees use only one machine for signing operations? When you manage a certificate with the help of Twocanoes, you can keep the certificate on your own machine while providing secure, limited access to employees via AWS. For those you manage, requesting a certificate from you, and completing signing operations, is simple and accessible.

Apple-Environment Efficiency

Take charge of certificates on your Mac without having to rely on other machines or operating systems to complete your operations. Kerberos Authentication and Active Directory are all accessed in a user-friendly way for your Mac. Configuration can happen with or without a proxy or web service: our software can work in tandem with paths already set or help you make a new one, quickly and without hassle.

Certificate Services Products

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Signing Manager

Local Signing of iOS Apps, macOS Apps,
and Packages with Remotely Secured Identities

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Certificate Request

Get Digital Certificates for macOS from Active Directory Natively

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