Smart Card Utility for iPhone and iPad History

Current Beta

Version 3.6 Build 5334

Change Log

Version 3.6 Build 5334

Beta released 2022-05-23

Restore Purchases in Settings
  • The “restore purchases” button and the “activate reader” button has been moved to settings. They had been in the trial sheet which was removed.
More card information
  • Battery level for Bluetooth reader now shows in push
  • Number of PIN attempts remaining now shows in push when wrong PIN entered
  • Added progress indicator when reading certificates. Fancy.
  • Better connecting and reconnecting when multiple readers nearby
  • Changed text to recommend only inserting slot 9A: PIV Authentication
  • Removed Remove all Certs button
  • changed “identities” to “certificates”

Version 3.4 Build 5272

Released 2022-04-13

  • Streamlined Certificate Reading