Smart Card Utility for iPhone and iPad History

Current Beta

No beta at this time.

Change Log

Version 4.0 Build 5354

Released 2022-10-24

  • Support for Smart Card Utility Desktop Reader
  • Change PIN
  • Verify PIN
  • View Certificates for 3rd Party Readers
  • View Certificates current available for authentication

Version 3.8 Build 5357

Released 2022-07-11

Fixed issue where some readers stopped working after 14 days and required an uninstall and reinstall.

Version 3.7 Build 5342

Released 2022-07-05

  • There is now a setting in Settings for disabling sleep.
  • Tweaked initial connecting to find reader’s name to make it a bit more efficient.

Version 3.6 Build 5334

Released 2022-05-31

Restore Purchases in Settings

The “restore purchases” button and the “activate reader” button has been moved to settings. They had been in the trial sheet which was removed.

More card information
  • Battery level for Bluetooth reader now shows in push
  • Number of PIN attempts remaining now shows in push when wrong PIN entered
  • Added progress indicator when reading certificates. Fancy.
  • Better connecting and reconnecting when multiple readers nearby
  • Changed text to recommend only inserting slot 9A: PIV Authentication
  • Removed Remove all Certs button
  • changed “identities” to “certificates”

Version 3.4 Build 5272

Released 2022-04-13

Streamlined Certificate Reading