Smart Card Utility for iPhone and iPad Update 4.2

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Smart Card Utility enables smart card authentication to supported websites via Safari. No changes in the backend, websites, or cards: just plug in your existing PIV-enabled smart card and log in!

The version 4.2 update brings the following new changes (build 6216):

Version 4.2

  • Fixed serial number check
  • Fixed issue when initially connecting
  • Fixed double push with hidden viewcontroller
  • Fixed percent issue with ir301 reader; fixed ir301 detection bug
  • Added reconnect when checking for pin
  • Formatted card and reader UI for iOS version
  • Cleaned up biometric code and layout
  • Fixed issue with ir301 removal and reinsertion
  • Added error dialog for identity prefs on smart cards
  • Fixed setting serial number
  • Fixed regression of Feitian SDK non-bluetooth readers not showing up on iOS
  • Added ecc support and pin/serial number writing
  • Added firmware update to settings to update firmware without reading card
  • Fixed error in Feitian reader due to reset icc
  • Compatibility with bluetooth readers
  • Fixed timing and card states
  • Fixed reconnect issue
  • Added test to read certs over and over and over
  • Fixed error message when connecting to card
  • Refactored connect to reader, connect to card, read certs to separate functions and then a convenience function to call it
  • Fixed hash for CHUID
  • Fixed wrapping on atr
  • Better feedback
  • Cleaned up digest resolution; updated status slot string
  • Removed legacy CMS code
  • Added matching by pubkeyhash
  • Added signedAttribute signature checking
  • More work on SwiftCMS
  • Added hash checking from securityobject for piv
  • Refactored for reading more objects; massive code cleanup
  • Fixed issue with Mac Feitian reader timeout
  • Updated more timeouts
  • Added more logging and increased semaphore wait
  • Implemented viewing facial image on PIV cards
  • Added photo
  • Added text when no common name

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