Using US Government and Department of Defense (DoD) Certificates in Smart Card Utility

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When scanning certificates from your CAC or PIV smart card, if the name of the certificate shows in red when viewing the certificate in Smart Card Utility for iPhone and iPad, the card certificate is not trusted. This may cause some authentications to fail.

To resolve this issue, the root and intermediate certificates must be installed to the iPhone or iPad device. There are over 50 different certificate that may be required. has collected all the required certificates and packaged them up in a single .zip file named

However, to install these on the iPhone or iPad requires installing them individually. To make it easier, we have provided a configuration profile that contains all the DoD root and intermediate certificates.

To install the configuration profile with the needed certificates:

  1. On your iOS device, download the configuration profile by clicking this “Download DoD Certificate Profile” button:

Once you’ve downloaded the Profile, install the Profile on your device (you can read how to do so in our User Guide, but we’ve included a reduced version of the instructions below):

  1. Open your Settings App and Tap “Profile Downloaded”:
  1. Follow the instructions to install the profile and certificates.
  1. Open Smart Card Utility and on the Scan screen, then pull down to refresh. The certificates should now show as trusted, appearing black instead of red.